How to Hard Reset the ZTE Vital N9810 back to Factory Settings

The ZTE Vital N9810 for Sprint is not a GSM device, which is why it won’t work on any GSM network worldwide. An impressive smartphone launched in June 2013, this one quickly became popular and highly appreciated by most of its users. Although a very new device, if you own it since its launch date, you might have started to experience a few software issues that could interfere with your user experience.

In such situations, as well as whenever you forgot the passcode or are planning to sell the device, we recommend hard resetting the ZTE Vital N9810. The procedure is easy to perform and is one sure way to get rid of all viruses that could possibly be stored within the phone. By erasing all user data and restarting the operating system, the master reset can help you regain functionality of the phone. However, it is important to bear in mind that a backup of your data is necessary in case there are important documents you wouldn’t want to lose.


Running on Android OS v4.1.2 – Jelly Bean – this device comes with a Dual-Core 1.5 GHz Krait processor and uses Qualcomm MSM8960 Snapdragon as a chipset. Equipped with 1 GB of RAM, the phone has a card slot that can be used to insert a micro SD card that is able to store up to 64 GB extra files. In terms of cameras, there is a 13 MP one on the back and a secondary 1 MP camera in the front – both of them can take pictures and record 1080p videos.


Before reading any further, we’d like to first suggest performing a soft reset. This is a mildly aggressive process that can be done in maximum 1 minute. All you have to do it push the Power key until the phone turns off, and then remove the battery from its slot. Place the battery back in after a couple of second and switch the device on.

If this didn’t make any difference for the ZTE Vital phone, you should try one of the following methods. The first one is going to use the main menu in order to restore the device back to original settings. See below the necessary indications for this solution:zte-vital-reset

  1. Touch Home and go to the Apps list.
  2. Open the Settings folder and scroll down to choose Backup & Reset.
  3. Select Factory Data Reset from the available options and touch Reset Phone.
  4. If prompted, tap Erase Everything and follow any additional prompts to confirm.

Please move on to the second method in case the device is frozen, the display is unresponsive or you couldn’t notice any results using the first option:

  1. Turn off the phone, remove the SIM card and reinsert it.
  2. Press Power to turn it back on and choose Emergency Call.
  3. Type *983*987# in the emergency dial-up pad and wait for the reboot to begin.
  4. If necessary, tap Erase Everything on the next screen to begin the procedure.