How to Hard Reset the Xolo Q1000

The Xolo Q1000 is one example of the more recent manufacturer’s trend towards higher market Android smart phones with quad-core capabilities. It was released in May 2013 and features a Dual-SIM card option alongside a powerful 8 MP camera and other impressive features with a relatively modest price tag.

While the phone’s features and price may be impressive, it is just as susceptible to software errors and long-standing bugs as any other device, and if you commonly experience crashing programs, unresponsive applications and other errors it could mean that it’s time to factory reset the Xolo Q1000.

The Xolo Q1000 received lots of praise for its hardware, ease of use and full set of features. Reviewers have noted its sleek exterior, powerful quad-core processor and advanced 8 MP camera. The price was a deal breaker for some, with the number of similarly-featured quad-core handsets available on the market at lower cost, but the Xolo Q1000 has performed well in the market to date and looks likely to remain a staple of the line for some time to come.

Xolo Q1000

Resetting to Factory Settings

One of the more useful features is the MicroSD card slot which allows for up to 32GB of extra storage space on the phone. This common feature becomes important if you choose to reset your phone because it allows you to backup your data, contacts, photos and other user information onto the SD card while you format the internal storage. To do this, you must backup your data to the SD card, then remove it before moving any further.

The backup is an incredibly important part of the factory reset procedure. Before doing anything else with your phone, you must get the data that you want to keep onto an external device or uploaded onto Google’s servers wirelessly. Any data that is left on the phone’s 4 GB of internal memory will be erased permanently. In order to reset the Xolo Q1000 to its factory settings, the following steps must be taken:

  1. From the home screen menu, enter Settings.
  2. Enter the Privacy menu, then click on Factory Data Reset.
  3. From here you must confirm your selection and touch Erase Everything.
  4. The phone will restart with a clean install of the operating system.

Because the manufacturer did not include a firmware-based method for resetting this phone, it is necessary to perform this procedure before the software problems become nasty enough to interfere with the operating system. If you run into errors while attempting the reset, you’ll have to start again from the beginning until it catches on. Don’t worry, have faith and continue on- it will work and after that you can safely and easily enjoy the like-new performance of your newly reset Xolo Q1000.