Hard Reset the Toshiba Excite 10 AT305

A cool tablet that was released in the spring of 2012, the Toshiba Excite 10 AT305 will be the core of our article today. While we will talk about the general characteristics and important features of the device, the main focus will be around performing a hard reset on this device. This is a procedure that you should know how to do whenever you’re having trouble with a smartphone or tablet and worry about it being infected by a virus.

As you definitely know already, a master or hard reset operation will bring the device back to factory software, so all settings that you changed since you purchased your tablet will not be valid anymore. Apps will also be erased, so you’ll need to reinstall them, and all important files that you saved or downloaded have to be transferred to a backup that you’ll use to restore these documents after the reset is done.

To make sure that you know everything you need about this phone, we’ll take you through a couple of relevant features. First of all, it comes with a LED-backlit LCD display, a loudspeaker with stereo speakers and SRS sound enhancement. Its chipset is an NVIDIA Tegra 3, and it uses a quad-core 1.5 GHz processor. In terms of storage capacity, the RAM lets you save up to 1 GB of files while you can also use SD or microSD cards to save some other 32 GB.


Using the Ice Cream Sandwich version of the Android operating system, this tablet has Bluetooth v3.0 and a Wi-Fi hotspot. You can use the 5 MP camera to take photos, as well as 720p videos, but if you’re a fan of selfies, you’ll also appreciate the 2 MP frontal camera. Voice memo, photo editor, organizer and document viewer are just a few of the many apps that you can use of this tablet without having to iunstall anything additional.

How to Restore the Toshiba Excite 10

Being one of the easiest Toshiba models to restore to factory software, the Excite 10 AT305 comes with various methods that you can use. Out of these ones, we’d like to focus on two of the most relevant ones for you. First and foremost, if you’re dealing with some minor issues, you might want to try doing a soft reset first.

Also called a warm reset, this one can be done quite easily by pressing the Power key for long enough. After a couple of seconds, the device will switch off by itself, and you can then remove the battery and SIM card for a few minutes. After placing both of these back into the tablet, you are free to switch it back on and test to see if everything works fine.

In case you’re still having problems right away or during the next couple of days, it might be worth doing a hard reset. Compared to the first option, this one will be a little more aggressive and will erase everything that you saved onto the tablet’s RAM. To avoid losing important documents, do a backup with all files you want to keep.

toshiba_excite_10_1_at300_hardOnce you’re ready, follow the steps as indicated below:

  1. Open the Settings folder and go to the Personal section.
  2. Open the Backup & Reset section and choose Factory Data Reset.
  3. Read the notification and select Reset Tablet to confirm your selection.
  4. The device will restart at the end of the reset, as part of this operation.

After this is complete, you can use the backup to restore the files you need. As the apps will also be erased, you will need to download them all once again and re-install them. In case the tablet keeps on causing you trouble, you might want to get in touch with a specialist in the field.