Hard Reset the Vodafone V860 Smart 2 to Factory Settings

The Vodafone V860 Smart 2 is a smartphone produced exclusively for Vodafone, released in June 2012, which features a TFT capacitive touchscreen with a 320 x  480 pixels resolution. Although being an appreciated phone due to its features and low cost, if you happen to own this phone and begun to notice it’s not working […]

How to Hard Reset the Vodafone 555 Blue

The Vodafone 555 Blue is a phone produced by TCT exclusively for Vodafone, released in August 2011. Although it was called by Financial Times a smartphone, this device meets the characteristics of a phone and stands out through its Facebook features. As a Facebook feature phone,  the Vodafone 555 Blue has a Facebook “F” key […]

Vodafone Smart Tab 10 Hard Reset to Factory Format

Having been launched in February 2012, the Vodafone Smart Tab 10 is one of the most craved tablets from the series launched by Vodafone. It is definitely not a bad-looking device and being one of the thinnest ones, it focuses on being practical and easy to use. Although being HDMI capable, the Smart Tab doesn’t […]

Vodafone 858 Smart U8160 Hard Reset to Factory Soft

The Vodafone 858 Smart, also known as Huawei U8160, was released by Vodafone in June 2011 to become one of the most craved models of smartphones from this brand. The high quality smartphone is very easy to use and known to work very well. However, as it happens with all smartphones, the functionality of this […]

Vodafone Smart Tab 7 Hard Reset to Factory Settings

Doing a hard reset on the Vodafone Smart Tab 7 is a simple procedure to perform, and this article will act as an easy guide to make this even easier for you. Released in February 2012, this device is an amazing ZTE branded tablet. Powered by an Adreno 220 GPU and an ARM cortex A9 […]

Hard Reset the Vodafone Smart Tab II 7 to Original Soft

Similar to other similar tablets, the Vodafone Smart Tab II 7  comes with a versatile look given by its thin display and the high technology it uses. Launched in November 2012 by Vodafone, this is the tablet that many people would like to own. If you are one of the lucky ones, this article is […]

How to Hard Reset the Vodafone 945 to Factory Soft

Do you own the Vodafone 945 that was launched in 2010? Have you been dealing with problems that lowered the performance of your phone? If you answered affirmatively to both previous questions, all we have to say is that you came to the right place. This article will teach you everything you need to know […]

Vodafone Smart Mini Hard Reset to Factory Software

The Vodafone Smart Mini is a budget touchscreen mobile phone released in June 2013. It has all the features of a modern smart phone delivered at a fraction of the competition’s cost. A low-cost smart phone through and through, it nevertheless delivers modestly on a number of key factors for the modern user. If you […]