How to Hard Reset the Nokia C3 to Factory Soft

Released in June 2010, the Nokia C3-00 and C3-01 is a full Qwerty keyboard device aimed for those who love texting, considered as being a social-networking phone. In time, it`s possible that you notice unusual behavior with your Nokia C3. Things like lags in launching applications and slow overall performance can really damage the user […]

Sony-Ericsson Vivaz U5i Hard Reset to Factory Soft

The Sony-Ericsson Vivaz U5i is a high quality smartphone released in March 2010 by Sony Ericsson. If you a proud owner and you’re experiencing an increased number of errors, freezes and hangs interfering with your user experience, it might be time to perform a master reset. The phone is very easy to restore to factory settings, […]

Nokia Asha 302 Hard Reset Instructions to Factory Software

The Nokia Asha 302 is a smartphone designed in BlackBerry style, perfect for messaging and social networking, with a QWERTY keyboard, WhatsUp and Facebook applications. Available on a small budget, it offers the advantages of easy texting, instant messaging and email. Unfortunately, sometimes we can observe some difficulties in the way the phone functions, like […]

Nokia Asha 200 Hard Reset to Factory Software with or without Code

Nokia Asha 200 is one of the four models of the Asha line, beside the Asha 202, Asha 203 and Asha 302. Is the perfect phone for those who want to take advantage of all the basic features and to spend a small amount of money. If your phone becomes unresponsive, moves slowly or you […]

Hard Reset the Nokia Asha 210 to Factory Soft

Nokia Asha 210 is the perfect phone for passionate texters and messenger, due to its QWERTY keyboard, WhatsApp and Wi-Fi. This phone also has the Nokia Slam feature for sharing pictures and videos via Bluetooth, without pairing first. It was released in May of 2013. Although is a very appreciated phone for its features, users […]

How to Hard Reset the Nokia C5 CS-00/CS-03

The Nokia C5 series consists of two models that, on the inside, are essentially the same phone: the keypad CS-00 released in April 2010, and the touchscreen CS-03 released in December of the same year. Nokia release both of these phones as low-cost and low-commitment alternatives to the larger and more robust offerings available on […]

Nokia E5 Hard Reset Instructions (Factory Software)

The Nokia E5 is a lightweight, low-cost smartphone announced in April 2010. It uses the Symbian v9.3 operating system and relies totally on the QWERTY keyboard- no touch screen here. If you own this phone and notice that it’s beginning to act strangely, by producing error messages or occasionally refusing to respond to commands, it […]