Sony Xperia P Hard Reset to Factory Soft

The Sony Xperia P is a mid-range smartphone with a fairly attractive and elegant look. It comes with the typical Android OS and features that you may have seen on other Sony devices. Like any other phone that has been used for a long period of time, this one can also develop certain issues that will require your attention. Some of the most common ones are unresponsive apps, crashes and lags, as well as fatal errors, and they can all be solved with a hard reset of the Sony Xperia P.

This procedure is also useful if you ever forgot your PIN code or you wish to erase all files before selling the phone as brand new. Everything including photos, videos, music and contacts will be erased from the RAM while nothing stored on your SIM card will ever be touched. By the end of this operation, you will get rid of all possible viruses, as well as the software issues that you’ve been dealing with.

The Sony Xperia P is being sold on the mobile market for a pretty low price, and it is well equipped when it comes to storage capacity and many other features. Its internal memory lets you save up to 16 GB of files, and there is no support for microSD cards. There are two cameras on this phone – the first one is an 8 MP camera that can also record videos, and there is a second one in the front for taking photos.


When it comes to connectivity, you can take advantage of the Wi-Fi 802 hotspot and BT v2.1, as well as NFC and microUSB v2.0. Using Android’s Gingerbread as its operating system, this device can be easily upgraded to run on Jelly Bean OS. It also comes with a dual-core 1 GHz processor and a chipset type NovaThor U8500.

How to Restore the Sony Xperia P

If you are able to access the main menu on the Xperia P smartphone, we recommend trying our first method listed below. Before doing this, though, you should make sure that you’ve backed up all of the data you need, as the procedure will be erasing everything stored on the internal RAM.

sony-xperia-p-ofic resetThe first method:

  1. Browse Settings within the Menu and scroll to Backup & Reset.
  2. Select the Factory Data Reset option and tap Reset Phone.
  3. Press Erase Everything and you’re done!

When the smartphone is not responding to your usual commands, we advise people to use a method that doesn’t require them to use the menu. There are several such options when it comes to the Sony phone, and many of them are similar to what you’ve noticed in the case of similar devices. You could, for example, follow our instructions for the second method:

  1. Power off the phone and press Volume Down & Power.
  2. Hold both keys and wait until you enter Recovery Mode.
  3. Release the keys and use Volume buttons to choose Wipe Data.
  4. Confirm it with the Power key, and then select Yes in the same way.
  5. Accept the option for Reboot System Now and that’s it.