Sony Xperia Miro Hard Reset to Factory Software

Also popular under the name of Sony ST23i and Sony ST23a, this is an affordable smartphone that comes with basic features for everyone’s use. Given how many cool phones are advertised nowadays and how hard it actually is to get your hands on one of them – all because of the price – this is actually a good option if you’re looking for something not-that-expensive, but still high quality. Our article will teach you how to keep that quality going and protect your device from viruses by doing a hard reset on the Sony Xperia Miro.

The same as most similar phones from Sony, this one can also be affected by viruses, too much data stored on its RAM or simply being used for a long time. These and many others are common reasons for a device to start showing errors, crash in the middle of you doing something important or just shut off when you want it the least. The master reset procedure is simple and quick, but it will also erase all user data, so please make a backup of the files you need.

With 4 GB of internal storage and 512 MB of RAM, the Xperia Miro also accepts microSD cards. Thanks to this, users can store an additional 32 GB of files and make their backup using such cards. The TFT capacitive touchscreen comes with 16M colors and is made of scratch-resistant glass. Using the Wi-Fi 802 hotspot, you can reach 7.2 Mbps download and 5.76 Mbps upload, and you can also use the BT v2.1 for connectivity purposes.


The Android version running on this device is 4.0, also known as Ice Cream Sandwich, and the CPU is an 800 MHz Cortex-A5. You’ll have GPS and Stereo FM radio on this smartphone, as well as two cameras – a 5 MP one with touch focus and geo-tagging, as well as a VGA one in the front. You can take advantage of the TrackID music recognition system of the phone and play various types of music files, as most of them seem to be supported by the Xperia Miro.

How to Restore the Sony Xperia Miro

In order to do a soft reset on the Sony Xperia phone, press the Power key for a few good seconds. The Restart/Shut Off menu will pop up, and you should choose to restart the device. This will be done in approximately 3 minutes, and no important data will be deleted. If this didn’t sort the problems out, you might be dealing with something a little more complicated, in which case we recommend you read further on.

For the first method, you should follow these steps:

  1. Make sure that the phone is charged and switch it off.
  2. Remove all the cables and don’t forget to make a backup.
  3. Press Power & Volume Up for a few seconds and then release them.
  4. The menu will appear, so please follow the instructions on the screen.

sony-xperia-miro resetAnother easy method to master reset the Xperia Miro involved the following:

  1. With the phone turned on, open the menu and go to Settings.
  2. Choose the Backup & Reset tab, and then select Factory Data Reset.
  3. Tap Erase Internal Storage and confirm with Reset Phone.
  4. Follow any additional indications on the display, and the phone will reboot.

If the previous two options did somehow fail to work, you should install one of the apps offered by Sony Mobile. There are various tools that can be used for restoring the phone to factory settings, but one of the simplest to use is the Flashtool that downloads in just a few seconds and can be easily installed. Once you’ve finished installing it, you should do this:

  1. Make sure you fully charged your device and power it off.
  2. Press Volume Down and connect the USB cable in order to boot to flashmode.
  3. Follow the steps in the menu, and then accept the reboot options.