Samsung Galaxy Pocket Neo S5310 Hard Reset Guide to Factory Settings

The Samsung Galaxy Pocket Neo S5310 is a budget smartphone released in June 2013. It is not a feature-rich model like the Galaxy W but is well designed to meet most needs. If you own this phone, you may eventually run into software-related problems such as program hangs or unresponsive applications. When this happens, often the phone can be restored to working order through a hard reset. It’s not hard to reset the Samsung Galaxy Pocket Neo to factory settings, but there are a few things to be aware of before you start.

The Samsung Galaxy Pocket Neo is a budget phone, created with a premium on the final product cost. This approach ensures that the phone makes it into the hands of potential Samsung customers who can’t, for instance, afford a Galaxy Note or who are unwilling to make the larger investment. The phone has a MicroSD card slot that offers up to 32 GB of extra storage space. This is important because you can actually backup your data on one of these SD cards.


Resetting the Samsung Galaxy Pocket Neo


The first and most important step is backing up your user data. Your contacts, messages, photos, and other personal information will all be deleted through the hard reset process. If you have not made a recent backup, you will need to do this first. That can be done through the MicroSD card, through a USB connection with a PC, or wirelessly through a cloud service like Google Drive.

If you’ve made your backup, you are ready to hard reset the Samsung Galaxy Pocket Neo S5310:

  1. With the phone off, press and hold the Volume Up, Home, and Power keys.
  2. Release the buttons when you see the Android logo on-screen.
  3. Select Wipe Data/Factory Reset, and then Yes – Delete All User Data.
  4. Press the Power key to confirm and let the device initialize itself.

Once these steps are completed, the phone will be emptied of all your personal data, and ready to receive your data restore. Along with the personal data, any software errors that may have sprung up over the course of daily use will also have been re-written by the operating system. Once your data is put back where it belongs, you are again ready to use your Galaxy Pocket Neo like a brand new phone.

  • Tom Gerard Kelly

    This sadly does not work. well… i cant tell because it is stuck in reboot mode.

    • zweli

      it does use to power button to select not the select button ,use power button to select scroll down using volume up and down it will work