Hard Reset the Samsung Galaxy Note to Factory Soft (N7000&i9220)

The Samsung Galaxy Note series includes two model numbers for two nearly-identical phones released for separate markets in October 2011. For the purpose of this article, both the N7000 and the i9220 models will be treated as identical phones, because all of the elements which we’ll be dealing with are exactly the same.

If you own this phone and notice that the applications have begun to quit by themselves, or that tasks it used to complete quickly and easily have become unresponsive and sluggish, it could be time to perform a hard reset. There are three ways to reset the Samsung Galaxy Note to factory settings, each designed to meet a specific circumstance, and this article will cover each.

Samsung released the Note series with an emphasis on stylus-based applications such as handwriting recognition, plan-drawing and other graphic programs. To this end the phone features a highly sensitive AMOLED capacitative touch screen and an efficient dual-core 1.4 GHz processor along with 1 GB of RAM; more than enough to handle most graphic applications. A MicroSD card slot with up to 64 GB of extra storage was also included, and this is important to know before continuing with the hard reset procedure.

samsung galaxy note 3The reason that the MicroSD card slot is important is because the factory reset will erase all of your personal data and files. That includes contacts, photos, applications, and messages. If you have purchased a MicroSD card, you can store all of this information on that, remove it from the phone, and continue. If not, you can also upload your data onto a cloud service such as the Locker app provided by AT&T, or make a backup through a USB connection to your PC.

The first method we’ll cover for this phone can be done through the home screen menu of the device:

  1. Open your Settings folder and tap on Privacy.
  2. Open the Factory Data Reset option menu and tap on Reset Phone.
  3. Tap on Erase Everything and let the phone initialize and reset.


If the device is not responding or selecting menu options causes error messages to appear, then you will have to sidestep the operating system and perform your reset using the physical buttons:

  1. With the phone off, press and hold the Volume Up key, the Power key, and the Menu/Home key.
  2. The phone will boot into Recovery Mode. Select Factory Data Reset.
  3. Confirm Wipe Data/Factory Reset and let the phone initialize and reset itself.

Samsung also included a third method to hard reset the Galaxy Note, which is done using a simple password. By calling this password, you send a message to the phone’s operating system to perform the factory restore:

  1. Turn on the phone and leave all other applications off.
  2. Dial *2767*3855# exactly as written, and then call the number.
  3. The phone will receive the message, turn itself of and re-initialize itself.

Once you’ve finished any one of these reset methods, the phone will be like brand-new, with a freshly reinstalled operating system on which you can restore your backup data. Once you’ve done that, you’re free to enjoy using your like new Samsung Galaxy Note.