Samsung Galaxy Music Duos S6012 Hard Reset to Factory Soft

Released at the end of 2012, it is one of the most affordable models from Samsung. While it only comes with a single-core  850 MHz processor and a 1300 mAh battery, it has all of the important features you need on such a device. Do you know what phone we’re talking about it? That’s right, today’s article will teach you how to do a hard reset on the Samsung Galaxy Music Duos S6012.

Being the safest and best way to get rid of all viruses, while you regain functionality of the phone, this procedure is quick and easy to perform. Before moving any further, though, you should know that this will also erase all the media files, contacts, messages and apps on the Samsung, which is the reason why we always suggest creating a backup.


Running on Android OS v4.0.4 – the Ice Cream Sandwich version – this device is planned to upgrade to the 4.1 version – Jelly Bean. If you’re passionate about music, you might be pleased to learn that there is a Stereo FM radio on the Music Duos, and it comes with RDS and built-in antenna. In terms of connectivity, the Wi-Fi hotspot will help you surf the web and the Bluetooth v3.0 can enable users to connect with other smartphones.


Please bear in mind the fact that this process is going to erase everything you stored on the internal memory of the device. If you consider that you have something you’d like to save, you should connect it with the USB cable to a PC, netbook, tablet or other phone. You can then copy all pictures, videos, music, messages, etc.

Before you try the more aggressive method, we’d like you to try and open the phone’s menu. If this works, you can do the factory reset using the various options in there, as shown below:

  1. Go to the Main Menu and click on the Settings icon.
  2. Choose Accounts and scroll down to the option that says Backup & Reset.
  3. Tap Factory Data Reset from the bottom of the display and choose Reset Device.

If the Samsung Galaxy Duos happens to be stuck on a certain screen, the display is frozen or you simply cannot use the keyboard, it is recommended to move on to the second method. This one will use the hard reset buttons to perform the same operation, as follows:

  1. Switch the Galaxy Music phone off, remove the battery and reinsert it after 5 seconds.Samsung-Galaxy-Music-Duos-keys
  2. Simultaneously press and then hold the Volume Up button, the Home key and the Power one.
  3. When the phone vibrates wait for the Recovery Menu to appear and use Volume Up & Down to look through the options you have.
  4. To select Wipe Data/Factory Data Reset, go down with the Volume – key and confirm with the Home button.
  5. On the next screen, select Yes in the same way and wait for additional information.
  6. Choose Reboot System Now with the same keys and read the warning on the screen.
  • Umer Anjum