Hard Reset the Samsung Galaxy Fit S5670 to Factory Software

The Samsung Galaxy Fit S5670 is a smartphone introduced in March 2011. As announced at the 2011 Mobile World Congress, is one of the four Samsung low-end Smartphones, along with the Galaxy Ace, Galaxy Gio and Galaxy Mini.

If you own a Samsung Galaxy Fit S5670 and you notice an increased number of hangs, it freezes often, unresponsive programs, or you just forgot your lockscreen combination, it is time to reset your phone to factory software. When you’ve forgotten your phone’s password and you can’t access your Gmail account, hard resetting it’s your only option.

Even though this is necessary sometimes to keep your phone in normal parameters and good functionality, resetting back to factory settings it has serious consequences: all your data and files will be deleted. To avoid the permanent loss of your important contacts, messages, files and more, you should perform a back-up before you begin the reset. This can be done by copying all your data on your SD card(which you are advised to take out before resetting), or online (cloud service), or you can back it up on another device by copying it to your tablet, computer, another phone, etc.


How to reset the Samsung Galaxy Fit

Before you start the actual process you have to make sure that there’s enough battery juice on the Galaxy Fit S5670 (more than 70% is usually enough),  back-up your data and then switch your phone off. Also, please remember to take out the SD card. If you are ready, just follow these steps:

  1. Press the Home  button and while holding it press and hold the Switch ON/ Power button.
  2. Release these buttons when the Samsung logo appears and then wait for a list of options to appear.
  3. Using the volume buttons to navigate, choose  “wipe data/factory reset” and select it using the Home button (screen touch function will not work in this mode).
  4. To confirm, choose “YES” with the volume buttons and select the option using the Home button.
  5. The phone will start the formatting process, you just have to wait until it’s complete.
  6. After it resets, the phone will ask you for a Gmail id which you must enter if the phone gets locked by the pattern lock or security code (note: make sure you are connected to internet while introducing the Gmail id).
  7. Lastly, select “reboot” and wait until the phone restarts.

Another method to perform a factory data reset is following the next steps in  order (while keeping your SIM and SD card inside, and your phone ON):

  1. Open the application list and press on Settings.
  2. Now select Privacy and then tap on Factory Data Reset.
  3. To confirm press on Reset Phone and then once again, on Erase Everything. Here you can also chose to dele all of your data from the SD card, if you wish it.

You can also refresh the Galaxy Fit by going to Settings -> Location and Security and by selecting Clear Storage. This method will erase the credential content from your device and it’s best used when users only wish to reset their lockscreen password.

Last but not least, you can also download Samsung Kies and reinstall the S5670 firmware from the official server. Going back to factory settings can also be initiated by entering the following sequence in the calling app:

  •  *2767*3855#