How to Hard Reset the Samsung E330S Galaxy S4 LTE-A

Coming in two colors that you can see below – blue and red – this phone doesn’t come with an HDMI port. However, apart from that, the Galaxy S4 has almost everything a user could be asking from. Starting with its 13 MP camera and high-speed internet and moving onto the GPS and phonebook with unlimited storage capacity for entries, as well as fields, this is a smartphone that you’ll love. Well, you might not love is as much when a hard reset on the Samsung E330S Galaxy S4 LTE-A is required.

When is such a procedure required? To put it shortly, this one is also known as a master or factory reset, and the latter is probably the best name for it, as it summarizes exactly what is going to happen. The device will have its original operating system reinstalled and all user data deleted. This being done, you will be able to say goodbye to all lags, errors, failing apps, internet that doesn’t work and many other issues.

The Galay S4 LTE-A is also popular under the name S4 Advance in the United Kingdom, and it comes with a Super AMOLED touchscreen. This one is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 3 and measures 5 inches. Apart from this, the general design and look of the device turns it into an elegant, but strong smartphone to own.

samsung galaxy s4 LTE A

Regarding its other characteristics, you should know that it is equipped with a secondary 2 MP camera, a quad-core CPU, as well as an Adreno 330 GPU. You can choose between 16 GB and 32 GB in terms of internal storage options, and you’ll be able to enjoy version 4.0 of Bluetooth on this device. The OS that powers the S4 LTE-A is Android’s Jelly Bean, but you can also upgrade to KitKat and an upgrade to v5.0 – Lollipop – is planned for the coming months.


Being one of the most powerful models from Samsung, this device rarely ever has software problems. However, when it happens, they tend to be quite annoying and unless you do a reset as quickly as possible, you will most probably not be able to use most apps and games anytime soon.

The good news, though, is that you have at least two very easy methods to solve these issues. The first one that we’re going to mention is actually a soft reset – also known as a warm one – and can be used anytime the device is stuck or you don’t remember the password. This won’t erase files or remove viruses, so use it only when you’re dealing with minor problems:

  1. When the phone is block, press the Power key.
  2. Hold the button for a few seconds, then release.
  3. The device will automatically shut off.
  4. Remove the SIM card and battery.
  5. Place both back in after 30 seconds and press Power.
  6. Turn the phone on and check if it works better.

Part of making your smartphone work again is taking good care of it. Make sure that you fully charge it and avoid removing the charger when the device is not entirely charged. Also, don’t try to charge it before its battery went down to 0-5%. Another important aspect is to keep some space on the memory – delete everything you’re not using and constantly make backups.

samsung galaxy s4 LTE A resetThe latter aspect is also important before trying the second solution, as all files will disappear from your internal memory. Please transfer them onto Google Cloud or another device, and then do this:

  1. Switch the Samsung phone off and press Power & Home & Volume Up.
  2. Hold all three keys together and wait for the logo to show up.
  3. Release the Power key and keep holding the other two.
  4. Wait for the menu to load, and then release all keys.
  5. Use Volume keys to select Factory Data Reset and Power to confirm it.
  6. Choose Yes using the same keys, and then select Reboot System Now.

This will prompt the reboot, and the operation should take a couple of minutes before the phone will restart. When this has happened, you will see no more icons for the apps that you used to have. In order to restore those, you will have to go to Google Play and download them once again.