Hard Reset the Samsung Corby II S3850 to Factory Software

As a youth orientated phone, the Samsung Corby II S3850 meets the needs of those who desire a playful and easy portable device. But no matter how convenient to use this phone might be, with time you`ll notice all kinds of unpleasant problems when using it that can really give you headaches. These could take the form of minor software problems, sudden freezes or unresponsive applications. Either way, doing a hard reset on the Samsung Corby II should do the trick and bring your phone in the initial state.

Bringing your Samsung Corby II S3850 to factory settings is the easiest way of solving all these unexpected problems and make our life easier. Anyways, you should keep in mind that this procedure will erase all data from your phone so before going any further is advisable that you do a backup of your information on your Micro SD card or any other external device.

Now let`s talk a bit about its design and functionality and learn more about this phone. Released in April 2011, The Samsung Corby II S3850 is exciting and vibrant and at the same time stays within budget. The phone has interchangeable colored back plates to suit your preferences. However, the device disappoints in terms of its resolution: the 3.2″ capacitive TFT touchscreen and QVGA resolution (240 x 320 pixels) makes the viewing angles poor and the pixel density low.

Another negative aspect is the 2-megapixel, no flash camera that makes pictures lack in detail. In terms of battery the phone can for sure get you through two days of usage. It only has 26 MB built-in memory expandable to 16 GB. The connectivity features include WI-Fi 802.11 b/g/n; Bluetooth v3. 0 with A2DP and Micro USB v2.0.

How to Hard Reset the Samsung Corby II

Samsung Corby S3850 2

There are two methods to reset the Samsung Corby II S3850 . The most simple one requires that you simply type a combination of numbers. However, keep in mind that all your information stored on the internal memory will be lost.

  1. You should begin with the phone in standby mode.
  2. Type the following numbers on your phone: *2767*3855#.
  3. After that, the phone will restart and will be fresher than ever.

The second method requires a key combination and, as the previous one, results in the erase of all data. This method is suitable for the situations when the phone is unresponsive. Try the following steps:

Samsung Corby

  1. Press the following buttons: Volume Up button and Menu button and Power button at the same time until a menu appears.
  2. Once the menu appeared, select Wipe Data Factory Reset using the Volume button to navigate. For a better understanding see the picture above.