Hard Reset the Samsung Champ GT-C3300k to Factory Soft

The Samsung Champ C3300k is also known as Samsung Libre, and it’s an affordable device that entered the world’s mobile market in June 2010. With 80 g as its weight and a 2.4 inch display, the phone also comes with a stylus that can be used in order to give commands to the touchscreen with no fingers.

If you are the owner of this device, and you forgot the password, are unable to use it’s screen or the software is just running a lot slower than usual, you came to the right place. Throughout the instructions included in today’s article, we’re going to show you what needs to be done depending on each situation. In some cases, problems are not so difficult while in some others there is a need for aggresive solutions. The same as it is for most Android smartphones, the best method is to hard reset the Samsung Champ GT-C3300k.

Coming with 30 MB of internal memory plus a micro SD card lets you save files of max. 8 GB, this device comes with a TFT touchscreen. Apart from that, it is also equipped with a 1.3 MP camera that can be used for pictures and shooting videos. However, when it comes to its battery, the phone only has a weak Li-Ion 1000 mAh battery that can be used for up to 12h if you like making phone calls a lot.

How to Factory Reset the Samsung Champ GT-C3300k

samsung-champ-gt-c3300kBefore you proceed to restore this Samsung device, you will need to backup all files and charge the battery at least up to 70%. Saving documents is easy to do using the Phone Copy application for Android. Similarly, you can also use the USB cable to sync data into an external hard drive or a PC.

Once your data is saved, you should start restoring your phone via the menu:

  1. On your phone’s Home Menu go to the Settings Folder.
  2. Choose the Reset option then scroll down to Reset Settings to choose your reset options – tick or un-tick the boxes depending on what you’d like to reset.
  3. Confirm your option clicking on Reset, then press OK.
  4. Your phone will now be rebooting and be ready in a couple of minutes.

samsung-c330k-champIf that failed, please master format the phone using the keys shown in the image to the right:

  1. Press the Volume Down and Lock keys at the same time then connect the USB cable to your phone.
  2. Run the Flash Loader 7.4.4_SSG_v0.5.exe and click on SET MODEL
  3. Select C3300_LIBRE_Setting_V02.mdl and choose the Application binary file.
  4. Look for C3300KJP.ppt  and select the TFS file.
  5. Browse for TFS file and select CSC then browse for CSC file.
  6. Click Start then press the Volume Down and Lock key once again.

Alternatively, you can also use the factory reset password: enter *2767*3855# in your phone’s dialer and wait for the phone to automatically reboot, as shown in the video below.

  • Sandi Feller

    I was given a phone that belonged to a German traveller,who updated. Since removing and replacing the battery, I can’t get the screen to light up at all. Previously it would come on with a lock, to which I don’t have a password. As a 3rd thing, it’s all in German, and I want to change it to English.