Samsung GT-C3322 Hard Reset to Factory Settings Guide

Who doesn’t know the dual-SIM smartphone from Samsung that saw daylight in April 2011? It is popular under the name Samsung GT-C3322 and it quickly became very appreciated for letting users switch between two different SIM cards. This is possible by using the button placed on the lower right side of the chassis. If you own this amazing device, you’re most probably proud of it and would like to keep on taking advantage of its features.

If you’re reading today’s article, you’re also most probably dealing with some problems that don’t let you enjoy your user experience. The hard reset procedure on a Samsung GT-C3322 is our solution for all software-related issues that could be bothering you. It is also recommended for those who’d like to quickly erase everything on the phone before selling it.


With a very large space for storing music, photos, applications data and many others, the phone having 45 MB of internal storage capacity uses Android as its operating system. Thanks to an external micro SD card that you can use, another 16 GB of files can be saved on this device. The Samsung C3322 is also equipped with a 2 MP camera that works impeccably, and it has a Bluetooth version 2.1.

How to Master Reset your Samsung GT-C3322

The main and easiest way to restore this Samsung to its default settings is done using the hard reset code. All you have to do is open the dialing pad and enter the following: *2767*3855#. Press the green button in order to confirm after checking for mistakes. The device will then automatically perform the reboot without asking for any additional help from you.

Although this is a quick and good method to use, it might not always work as well as expected. We’re uncertain of the reason why this is happening, but in case the first option failed on your phone, we recommend doing the same thing with the exterior keys:

  1. Samsung GT C 3322Turn your phone off before getting started.
  2. Press the Home, Volume Up and Power keys at the same time until the logo appears, then release the Home button and keep on pressing the other two.
  3. When the restore menu shows up, scroll down to Reformat/Restore to default condition using the Volume Up and Down keys then confirm by pressing the Power button.
  4. Once reformatting is done, scroll down using the Volume keys to select Restart device and confirm with the Power key.
  5. Your phone will be restarted and ready to use in a few minutes.

Now that the Samsung C3322 has been brought back to its original state, you can safely start using it as before. Please feel free to check if all settings are working as they should and reinstall the necessary applications. If you’re planning to use the phone for yourself and you made a recent backup, you should restore the documents using this one.

  • gxoptg

    Hey! If you know, is there a way to boot up to the recovery menu on Samsung C3322i? It’s almost the same as C3322 unless it doesn’t have volume keys.