Hard Reset the Nokia N9 to Factory Settings

One of the older models from Nokia is the N9 that is also known as the Lankku or the N9-00. It comes with an AMOLED capacitive touchscreen protected by Gorilla Glass, has a loudspeaker and Dolby Mobile sound enhancement. In case you purchased this phone and started having software trouble with it, you may want to do a hard reset on the Nokia N9 by following the instructions in this article.

Also popular under the name of a master or factory reset, this procedure is very simple and only takes about 5 minutes once you’re done going through the necessary steps. Including the backup you’ll need to make in advance, as all files will be deleted, and the time it takes to go into your settings and give the necessary commands to the device, it can take up to half an hour to do the whole thing. This is a recommended operation because it’s fast, very efficient and does no damage to the device.

As you may already know, one of the main features that the N9 is appreciated for is the fact that it can take great photos and videos. Coming with an 8 MP camera that shoots 720p@30fps videos and uses Carl Zeiss optics for the photos, the phone also has a secondary camera that you can use for selfies. If you won’t love the device for this, you will certainly adore the variety of colors it comes in – you can choose between cyan, black, magenta and glossy white.


Other relevant features to take note of are the TV-out, Dolby Digital Plus, as well as the active noise cancellation. You can play music files and videos on this device no matter what file format they’re in, and if you like editing your pics and vids, you will adore the editor that’s automatically installed on the N9 when you buy it. All this is possible thanks to the v1.2 MeeGo operating system, known as Harmattan.

How to Restore the Nokia N9

The first method that you could use is one that’s suitable for whenever the phone is still working, but not exactly the way it should be. This means that you will most probably be able to use the keyboard and give commands to the device, but you will not have access to certain apps or some will crash. It takes a couple of minutes to do it and will erase all files if you do this:

  1. Open the Apps menu and go to Settings.
  2. Choose to Reset the device and press Clear Device.
  3. Read the warning as it pops up and confirm by clicking Yes.

Nokia-N9-00-hardAnother option you have is the one that using the master code or secret key in order to solve more serious issues. We recommend using this one when you think you’ve been attacked by hackers or a powerful virus. It will solve most software issues in just a few steps, and all you need to do is the following:

  1. Open the Dial Pad and enter the code: *#7370#.
  2. Wait for it to load the next screen and enter the security code: 12345.
  3. Follow the steps as indicated on the display and wait for the reboot to be over – up to 5 minutes.

In both situations, we’d like to remind you to always make a backup before you proceed to doing a hard reset. This will allow you save all important files onto a different device and restore them onto the Nokia N9 after the factory reset. If for some reason, the previous methods did not work, you can try to redo them for a couple of times. However, if they keep on failing, it’s best to get in touch with a specialist.