Nokia N8 Hard Reset Guide to Factory Software

Released in October 2010, the Nokia N8 offers an attractive design with an anodised aluminium body and a novel shape. The 3.7 AMOLED display and Gorilla Glass protection with  bright screen and vibrant colors gives it a modern look. Despite its 680 MHz ARM 11 processor,  the phone responds fast and does its job well so even with with numerous applications plodding you don`t have to worry, the Nokia N8 won`t lag.

Nokia N8 impressed the mobile phone market with its 12 MP camera and Carl Zeiss lens (28mm f2.8), autofocus, XENON flash – features that you couldn’t find on any other phone at the time of its release. Furthermore, NokiaN8 was the first device to run the Symbian 3 mobile operating system.

If you are unfortunate to face problems with your Nokia N8 is it advisable that you do a soft reset but if this could not solve your problems than try a hard reset in order to make it work properly. This deals perfectly with problems such as unresponsive applications, errors, pending tasks, freezes or any other unexpected behavior.

A hard reset results in erasing data including pictures, contacts, memo notes, settings so it`s strongly recommended that you make sure that data is safely backed up before starting. Next, a few simple steps to bring your phone back to factory settings are presented in the hope that you`ll have your phone fixed in the desired way.

How to Hard Reset Nokia N8


If we still can access the menu, then you can do a factory reset with its setting. Doing a backup before beginning the reset process is essential as all data will be erased from your phoneat the ond of the procedure.

  1. Go to the “Setting” Menu.
  2. Choose “Phone”.
  3. Select “Phone Management”.
  4. Go to “Factory” Setting.
  5. After that select “Delete Data”
  6. Then press “Restore”. The Nokia N8 will now reset.

If you cannot access the menu screen, or the device is simply not responding, you have to hard reset the Nokia N8 with a key combination:
nokia n8 keys

  1. Turn off your phone.
  2. Hold “volume down” key, “camera” key and “menu” key simultaneously for few seconds.
  3. Then press the power button until the phone reboots.