How to Hard Reset the Nokia C3 to Factory Soft

Released in June 2010, the Nokia C3-00 and C3-01 is a full Qwerty keyboard device aimed for those who love texting, considered as being a social-networking phone.

In time, it`s possible that you notice unusual behavior with your Nokia C3. Things like lags in launching applications and slow overall performance can really damage the user experience. A factory reset can help you start over and overcome these minor issues. One thing you should know is that performing a hard reset will erase all your contacts, media, pictures and other information stored on the internal memory so before going any further you should do a backup. Hopefully you understood the implications of resetting your Nokia C3-00 / C3-01 and you`ll fix all your problems.
nokia c3-00

The main advantage of this phone is the affordable price providing at the same time an impressive quality, setting it out from the usual budget mobile. As for the design, the combination between metal and plastic appeals to users, being available in three colors: grey, pink and gold. Unfortunately, the device doesn’t have 3G but it supports Wi-Fi. With only 55MB internal memory, the phone comes with a 2 GB micro SD. Battery life is very good, up to 2,5 days of use.

Hard resetting the Nokia C3

The first method is a basic reset or soft reset that does not result in data loss:

  1. What you should do first is enter the following key code into the dialer: *#7780#.
  2. You will be asked to introduce the default security code which is “12345”. The phone will be back to the factory settings but without losing any data.

The second method is a total reset or hard reset that will result in the erase of all data from the phone including those from the memory card. You must press this combination of keys on the keyboard in the mobile: *#7370#.

The third method you can factory reset your phone is through a key combination. Note that this method will erase all data from your phone so do a backup first. Also, it is important that you have your battery filled and the device connected to the charger because if during the process the phone stops receiving electricity it can affect and damage the internal flash memory.

  1. Remove the battery and wait about 20 minutes before reintroducing it.
  2. Just after you turned the mobile on, press “*”(star key) and “3” (three key) simultaneously.
  3. Without releasing those two keys, press the green button (the dialer key).
  4. You can release the three keys only after you saw the Welcome screen displayed and the boot process is complete.

Security code not working

If the phone requests a security code, the default one is “12345”. However, if it doesn’t work or simply you have changed it and can’t remember the code, you must contact the Nokia Care center to bring the code back to the default. So if the phone requests an unlock code that means the phone is SIM locked by the operator and a hard reset won’t reset the code. Either way, what you must do is contact the operator you received the phone from.

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