Hard Reset the Nokia Asha 305 to Factory Soft

The Nokia Asha 305 was launched in July 2012 to turn into a simple and affordable smartphone. While also a high quality device, it is reknown for generally working well and providing access to great functionalities. However, if owning this phone for over 2 years, you started noticing a few errors and other unpleasant issues you might have come to the right place!

Today’s article is going to show you how to deal with such problems by performing either a soft or a hard reset on the Nokia Asha 305. The first option will only gently help you regain functionality of the phone in case of minor software failures, whereas the second solution is far more aggressive. This one will basically restore the device to its factory settings, which implies that all data will be erased. For this reason, please make sure to create a backup of the documents you’d like to save.


Powered by the Nokia Asha Series 40 operating system, the phone is equipped with a Full Touch resistive display, as well as a dual SIM. In terms of social media, it easily connects you to Facebook, Flickr, Twitter and Orkut, and it has Flash Lite v3.0 for playing Youtube videos. With 64 MB of ROM and 32 MG of RAM, the Asha 305 only has one camera: a 2 MP one that can also record video.


The first thing to consider in case your device hasn’t been functional lately is a warm restore. This one can be performed by pressing and holding the Power key until the phone turns off. Then remove the battery from the slot, and wait for a couple of seconds – usually 20-30. You can switch the Nokia back on afterwards and see if there are any changes.

For the factory restore solution, please use the steps below:Nokia-Asha-305-hard-reset

  1. Leave the device on and go to the Home Screen.
  2. Open the Menu, and then select the Settings icon.
  3. At the bottom of the list you will see Restore Factory.
  4. Choose All to erase everything and read the warning.
  5. Type in the security code – the default one is: 12345.

If you’d like to use the hard reset password as shown in the following Youtube video, you should try this:

  1. From the Main Menu go to the Phone Call option.
  2. Type the code: *#7370#, and then enter the security pass.
  3. Follow any additional steps as indicated on the screen.

At this point, the Nokia Asha 305 you own should have been restored back to original settings while all media files, apps, contacts and other information will have been deleted. Please be aware that the results of the procedure are entirely your responsibility, and you should make the necessary backup in case you have data you want to avoid losing.

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