Nokia Asha 302 Hard Reset Instructions to Factory Software

The Nokia Asha 302 is a smartphone designed in BlackBerry style, perfect for messaging and social networking, with a QWERTY keyboard, WhatsUp and Facebook applications. Available on a small budget, it offers the advantages of easy texting, instant messaging and email.

Unfortunately, sometimes we can observe some difficulties in the way the phone functions, like delayed response or unresponsive commands. In this case you don’t have to buy another phone, just to perform a hard reset on the Nokia Asha 302, in order to bring the phone back factory settings. So, your device will work properly and will be restored to its original values.

Nokia Asha 302

Also, Nokia Asha 302 comes with a fast processor, running at 1 GHz, but the built-in memory is limited to 100 MB. If you want, it’s possible to add a MicroSD card for extra storage. The connectivity consists in WiFi and fast 3G  and the camera is at 3.2 megapixels. It also runs with Nokia’s Symbian Series ‘4.0 operating system.

How to Hard Reset the Asha 302

If you want to soft reset your device without deleting data or applications from a third party vendor, you can perform a basic reset. Introduce the code *# 7780 and press Dial. This option restores the .inn files from ROM.

Another method is to restore the original operating system from the ROM, by entering the factory settings code *#7370# and waiting until the Nokia logo appears. In this case, all data will be deleted, so you have to back up every bit of information, including your contact set, applications, pictures, music, videos and so on. Only data that is found on the internal memory will be affected. 

Last but not least, you can simply hard reset the Asha 302, following the procedure below. This will restore the phone to its original settings, by deleting all existing data.

  1. End call and connections and select Menu.
  2. Then select Setting and Reset Factory Settings.
  3. Introduce the factory security code 12345 before the restore. Is is important to back up your data first. If you don’t want to erase all your information, we can choose to reset only preference settings and keeping all personal data, such as messages and media files. This can be done by selecting only the Restore Settings.
  • Uchiha Sami

    i putted a password on my phone 2 years ago before i bought the my new phone and now i forgot my password for this phone nokia 302 asha and idk how to reset or format the phone cuz i cant go to the settings cuz of the password can u please tell me how to format this phone idc if the files are deleted i just want the pass to be gone

    • Ahd Kasim

      have you solved it?
      i have the same problem

    • usama

      same problem wih me…. ???

    • Alex Serban

      Hey Sami,

      You can try flashing the same firmware again, but I’m afraid I can’t walk you through the instructions.

  • Luka

    I reset my phone and i delte all from phone, how can i now review my deleted messages bcs i need it?