Hard Reset the Nokia Asha 210 to Factory Soft

Nokia Asha 210 is the perfect phone for passionate texters and messenger, due to its QWERTY keyboard, WhatsApp and Wi-Fi. This phone also has the Nokia Slam feature for sharing pictures and videos via Bluetooth, without pairing first. It was released in May of 2013. Although is a very appreciated phone for its features, users may come up against some difficulties.

If it happens to notice that your Nokia Asha 210 is not working properly, is necessary to perform a hard reset to factory settings. A soft reset will bring your phone to its original state and will clear pending errors,  so your phone will act is it new. Before you begin this process make sure you back up all your data. If not, all your contact information, messages, applications and other type of sensitive data will be lost.

Nokia Asha 210

Along with the camera on the rear of 2 megapixel, Nokia Asha 210 runs on Symbian OS. The processor is below 1 GHZ in speed, so is a Single Core 32 bits. With two SIM card slots, you can have a call active on one SIM card, so Nokia Asha 210 promises to be a very practical and attractive Smartphone.

How to hard reset Nokia Asha 210?

When you encounter problems in the way your phone is working, you can restart the phone. This might  help you when your device is not responding or it’s moving slowly. You have to:

  1.    Take out the battery and put it back into the phone.
  2.    Switch on your phone.

If you have to restore the original factory settings, it’s important to introduce a code. First of all, assure all you back up all your data, if you reset all personal data. So, here are the steps:

  1. Select menu/Settings/Reset Factory Settings.
  2. If you want to keep the personal data, select Setting only. Those whoselect All will agree to reset all preference settings and delete all personal data
  3. Now type the security code to complete the resetting action.Wait for the “Restore Complete” message and that’s it.

Method 2:

  1. Power on the phone and type on the keyboard *#7370#. This is a shortcut which helps you to clear pending errors.
  2. Enter the security code 12345 and wait for your phone to respond.