Nokia Asha 200 Hard Reset to Factory Software with or without Code

Nokia Asha 200 is one of the four models of the Asha line, beside the Asha 202, Asha 203 and Asha 302. Is the perfect phone for those who want to take advantage of all the basic features and to spend a small amount of money. If your phone becomes unresponsive, moves slowly or you encounter different errors, you don’t have to buy another phone, just hard reset the Asha 200 to factory software.

There are different ways to restore the Nokia Asha 200 to factory settings, using a factory settings code or without one. The firs one implies using the button keys to refresh the software, a method which restores the .inn files from the ROM, but does not erase data or application from the third party.Also, you can factory reset your phone by adding a format code, which will restore your phone to its original settings in 5-10 minutes.

 Nokia Asha 200

Released in the December of 2011, the Asha 200 is a dual sim phone, which comes with a QWERTY keyboard perfect for quick and easy texting.  Also, this phone is equipped with a 1 GHz processor and a two megapixel camera, featuring in-built Nokia browser. The mobile operating system is Nokia S40, and is closely related to Nokia X2-01.

How to restore the Nokia Asha 200

The basic method, also known as soft reset, restores the .ini files from the ROM, without erasing data or applications from a third party. You have to enter the factory resetting code *# 7780 using the hardware keys, and then press dial. Afterwards, your phone will be restored, without losing any personal data.

Another way is to  bring your phone to its original settings, but in this case it’s important to back up your data, because the process erases all data, including the memory card. This sequence restores the original operating system right from the foundation. The steps are as follows:

  1. Enter the following code and then press Dial: *# 7370.
  2. Now the phone should request the security code which is by default 12345.
  3. Wait until the phone reboots.

Last but not least, you can try the classic approach:

  1. End all calls and connection, then select Menu.
  2. Then select Settings and Restore Factory Settings.
  3. Now chose only Settings and enter the reset code: 12345.
  • sagar

    what if we forget the security code? I am facing problem in making this cell factory reset….

    • Alex Serban

      I’m sorry, but there isn’t any magic reset button that you can press and the phone would restart. This kind of method has yet to be implemented by Nokia, on this model. Most likely, you must take it to a GSM service to re-soft it.

  • sajid

    plz send me nokia asha 200 restore coard

    • wangai


  • Shubham

    if any important file deleted then???

    • Alex Serban

      Unless you’ve done a back-up first, there’s nothing else that you can do.

  • Joe Calipha

    my asha200 has been having booting issues for some days now (it hangs while loading) , i usually take off and re-insert the battery to correct the broblem, but now it won’t even come on at all but the keypad light stay permanently on when i insert the battery. is there any way i can get it to work

    • Elgernon

      Have you received an answer as I have the same problem

    • wangai

      yea just remove the memory card it is the main problem

  • umer ali

    nokia asha 200 i forget secority code

  • umer ali

    plz reply me

  • irfan

    what if we forget the security code? I am facing problem in making this cell factory reset.

  • Ayushman

    mujhe mera security code nahi maloom hai 12345 par bhi work nahi ho raha hai nokia asha200

  • leo

    i tried resetin my fone wen it started givin me probs……….during d process d fone went off N it has refuse 2 on each tym i try it turns off by itsef

    • Alex Serban

      Hello. Did you have sufficient battery before you started? Above 60%? To turn it on, try to remove the battery, plug it back in and then charge it.

  • leo


  • jaguar jockey

    how can i fix my problem of conflicting items on nokia asha 200??

  • Himel Hasan

    I forget my Nokia Asha 202 security code.plz help me..

  • Neptune Marketing

    I have reset my nokia asha 200. but after it i just remember that there was very important messages in my inbox…. Can i get them back… if yes then how….. Plzz tell me

  • ravi

    hey my nokia asha after the fill 12345 code but this code is error

  • ajay


  • ajay

    i have forget my nokia 200 security code

  • Agus S

    My Nokia Asha 200. I reset factory all…
    Oh my God…. my memori SD have Password, I forgot,
    please helpme what I wanna do… there are so many files in it
    please help me!

  • Wolf

    Well I just used this method and tried restoring using ‘12345’. The phone switched off, started for a sec and switched off again. And now every time I switch it on it only shows screen for 2sec and goes off again. What should I do?? This little method just cost me my mobile phone. And also my battery is charged. I have tried charging it before switching on, but it is of no use as well.