Hard Reset Nokia 808 PureView to Factory Soft

Released on 2012 June, The Nokia’s 808 PureView comes with a 41MP sensor PureView imaging technology, Carl Zeiss lens and Full HD video filming. It’s the perfect phone for those who want to enjoy photographic experiences. Like any other devices, the Nokia’s 808 preview may not work properly and you can encounter different kinds of problems, such as longer loading times, error messages and unresponsive applications, which means it’s time to perform a hard reset to factory software as soon as possible, restoring the Nokia 808 to original settings.

The process of refreshing the Nokia 808 is to help you solve its problems, so it’s the simplest and also best thing you can do. After performing this procedure, your phone will be as if it were brand new, and all its software issues will be fixed.

Hard Reset Nokia 808 PureView to Factory Soft

Also, the Nokia 808 PureView comes with 1.3 GHz ARM 11 CPU, runs on Nokia Belle OS and has 16 GB of internal storage and 32 GB MicroSD card. On the front side there is a secondary VGA camera, so it is a practical phone.

How to hard reset Nokia 808 PureView

Although the process of restoring the phone to its original setting does not affect documents or files stored on your phone, it is recommended to back up your data first.The steps  are as follows:

  1. End all active calls and connections, then select Settings and Phone.
  2. Now select Phone Management, then Factory Settings and in the end choose Restore.
  3. Now you have to enter a security reset code if it is asked and wait your phone to switch off and then on.

If your phone is nNokia 808 PureView hard resetot functioning properly, you can also try to press Volume Down, Camera and Menu Button at the same time for 8 seconds. This should be considered the last method of resort, as all data will be deleted and even some Nokia apps will be removed, which may not be restored afterwards.

As well, you can type  the factory reset code *#7780# on the dialer and then tap on yes to confirm.

Also, another way to solve certain problems with your phone consists of restarting the device. You have to switch off your phone, take out the battery and put it back after a few seconds, and then switch on your phone.

  • ravneet

    I did ‘delete all data and restore factory settings’ in Nokia 808.. But its not starting..plz help