How to Hard Reset the Nec Terrain to Factory State

The Nec Terrain, released in June 2013, is another entry on the rapidly growing list of rugged smart phones. Phones like this one generally avoid more complicated features and offer as much reliability as possible in return. Rugged phones may be relatively safe when it comes to protecting their hardware, but the internal software is always susceptible to developing errors and other problems over time.

A master reset of your Nec Terrain will often solve these problems, erasing your personal data and re-installing the operating system to provide smooth performance. This article will outline the steps you need to take in order to hard reset the Nec Terrain to its factory settings.

Ruggedness is the name of the game when it comes to the Nec Terrain, and it’s a phone that delivers on that promise. The manufacturers have worked hard to make the phone shock-resistent, dust-proof, water-proof and able to shake off just about any form of abuse that you’re likely to subject it to.

In return, the phone’s CPU, camera and other internals leave quite a bit to be desired from the modern smartphone user, especially for being released with an outdated version of Android from the start. The inclusion of a QWERTY keyboard gives it a unique place on the market, as no other modern rugged phones offer this kind of hardware.

Nec Terrain Resetting steps

This phone comes with a MicroSD card that offers up to an additional 32 GB of internal storage, and this can be important for  making your backup before trying to reset the phone. The procedure will erase all of your personal data on the internal drive, but not any that’s held on the card, making it possible for you to store all your data there before continuing. The phone also features a Google server-based wireless backup which is useful for those who do not have a MicroSD Card.

If you’ve made a backup of all your important data, photos, and contacts, you’re ready to perform the master reset:

  1. Drag down the notification bar and enter Settings.
  2. Enter the Backup & Reset menu, and tap on Reset Phone.
  3. Leave the MicroSD card erase option unchecked, and hit Erase Everything

The phone will take a few minutes to erase its internal settings and data, then turn itself back on with a fresh internal drive ready to be restored, used with care and occasionally tossed into dangerous environments like bodies of water or sand.