Hard Reset the Motorola RAZR i XT890 to Factory Settings

One of the many models launched by Motorola in 2012, this phone uses a micro-SIM card and comes with a super AMOLED touchscreen. The latter being splash-resistant, it’s also protected by Gorilla Glass and takes most of the phone’s total surface. Its large screen is not the only cool thing about this device, but you’ll find out more about it later. Before we teach you about that, though, let me mention that this article will also cover how to hard reset the Motorola RAZR i XT890.

In case you are not familiar with this procedure, a master reset can easily help you restore a phone to original settings. Similarly to the way you’d reinstall the OS on a computer when it stopped working properly, this operation will erase everything on the internal memory. Before you get started, you have to make sure that you can’t fix the problem in any other way and save all important pictures, documents, videos, audio files and contacts into a backup that you stored in a safe place.

One good feature that the RAZR i comes with and that you can use for the backup is the fact that it supports the use of micro SD cards. This being said, it is impossible not to be able to transfer all the data saved onto your 8 GB internal space from the phone to the card that has a capacity of 32 GB. Running on the Ice Cream Sandwich operating system, this device lets users upgrade to the Jelly Bean version of Android and is planned to come up with an upgrade for Kit Kat. Coming with a 2 GHz processor and an Intel Atom Z2460 chipset, this Motorola has a GPU type PowerVR SGX540.


Also being equipped with an 8 MP camera that has touch focus, HDR and face detection, the device can be used for taking high quality photos. Apart from that, though, it also records smooth 1080p@30fps videos that can be shared via social media or email using the Wi-Fi 802 hotspot. If you’re looking to connect to other devices in order to transfer files, this can be done using the BT version 2.1 that the phone comes with. Its 2000 mAh battery is unfortunately not removable, but it supports up to 20 hours talk time at its beest.


The same as you can do on most other Motorola smartphones, this one also allows you to use one of the easiest reset methods. This one requires you to have access to the menu and be able to use the keyboard, but once you can do these two things, it’s easier than any other way to restore you phone to factory settings. Before following the instructions, make sure you have an up-to-date backup already made, and then do this:

  1. Open the Menu and click Settings.
  2. Go to Backup & Reset and tap Factory Reset.
  3. Select Reset Device and click on Delete All

If your Motorola Razr is not responding to the usual screen input, you will not be able to take advantage of the solution above. This means that you’ll need to reset the device in Power Off mode, which is something that you can do after fully charging this one, and then removing all the cables from the device. It is important to bear in mind that all downloaded mobile apps will be deleted, as well as the data stored on the RAM. However, things that have been saved onto the memory card will be safe.

Follow these instructions for the operation:

  1. Turn the phone off and hold Power & Volume Down.
  2. Wait for the device to vibrate and release Power.
  3. Allow for the logo to pop up, and then hold both Volume keys.
  4. When the menu appears, use Volume buttons to choose Wipe Data.
  5. Press Power to select it and use the same keys to choose Yes.
  6. Wait for all data to be removed, and then press Power to choose Reboot.
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