Motorola RAZR D1 Hard Reset to Factory Settings

Available with a Dual SIM card, this phone is known by many names. The most popular one, though, still remains the one in the title. If you want to learn how to hard reset the Motorola RAZR D1, you came to the right place, as today we will focus on explaining the easiest and most useful procedure you could perform on your own. Without having to go to a service point, doing a reset might save the life of your smartphone.

If you wonder how this works, you should know that it’s very similar to resetting a computer. This being said, the operating system will be automatically reinstalled, but you will also love the data stored in certain folders. In this case, the folders are the ones on your phone’s internal memory. The same as you would normally transfer those ones onto a hard drive or external device when you reinstall the OS on your computer, you should do the same with your cellphone.

The RAZR D1 comes with 4 GB for storage, as well as 1 GB of RAM. Whenever you want to save some of that, you can use both SIM cards to transfers data, as the files over there won’t be deleted during the process. Another thing to take advantage of when making a backup is the microSD card you can use that stores a maximum of 32 GB. These files can include photos or 480p videos you took using the 5MP camera equipped with touch focus and geo-tagging.


Apart from that, it can also include some of the apps you downloaded from Google Play. Given that this device operates on Android OS version 4.1 – which is the Jelly Bean version – you can get plenty of tools for free while some others are downloadable from the Google Store for a relatively low price. The phone also comes with Wi-Fi 802 and BT v4.0, A-GPS and functional radio.


The first thing to do before starting any kind of procedure is to completely charge your device. You should then back up the important files and take the SIM card out of its slot so you avoid any important documents getting lost.

Once this is done, please try performing a soft reset so that you make sure that the issue is not more superficial than you would’ve thought. It is also useful to erase some of the apps you don’t use, as well as files that aren’t useful for you anymore. Press the Power key to turn the phone off afterwards and remove the battery for a minute, then place it back inside. When you switch on, there should be some noticeable differences – if there aren’t, it might mean your phone is dealing with a virus.

In this case, please do this:

  1. Go to the Menu and click Settings.
  2. Scroll to Backup & Reset and choose Factory Reset.
  3. Press Reset Device and read all warnings.
  4. Confirm the option and press Erase all.

Another method you could use is also one of the oldest ways to factory restore the Motorola Razr. This one can be used when the phone is turned off, which makes it easier for those of you who can’t get a response after giving commands via the keyboard or touchscreen. The instructions to follow are below:

  1. motorola-razr-d1resetPower the phone off and wait for it to shut down.
  2. Press both Volume keys, and then hold Power at the same time.
  3. Wait for the screen to be blank and release the Power key.
  4. Keep holding the other two and wait for a menu to load.
  5. Select Recovery using Volume Down and Power.
  6. Confirm the Reset with Volume Up, and then press Power.
  7. Use Volume buttons to choose Wipe Data and confirm with Power.
  8. Select Yes using the same keys and wait for the reboot to begin.

The buttons for this operation can be seen in the picture above. Once this is complete, you will see your device change its status, and then restart in a few seconds. You can now use the backup you’ve made in order to regain access to the data you were using before – the one in your backup.