How to Hard Reset the Micromax Viva A72 Canvas

Micromax launched in April 2013 a new phablet that is now known as Micromax Viva A72 Canvas – one of the most colorful and bright smartphones from the brand. With the reputation of a great device, this one is particularly good for watching movies and browsing the internet because of its amazingly good display. If you are the owner of this phone and you noticed the operating system started to take a long time to launch, while some commands are only slowly processed, it may be time to perform a hard reset on the Micromax Viva A72 Canvas.

Great as it is, every smartphone can sometimes experience issues that will interfere with your user experience. Although we highly recommend rebooting the system in such situations, it is important for you to know how this is going to affect the device. Given the fact that your phone will be restored to original software and the memory erased, you will lose all the data stored on it. This is why we suggest making a backup before moving on with the procedure.

micromax-a72-canvas-viva-920x400There are a few details about this phone that you might want to know before moving any further. First of all, the Micromax Viva A72 Canvas runs on Android OS V.2.3 known as Gingerbread, features a long-lasting 2000 mAh battery and comes with a 1 GHz processor. However, when it comes to its memory, the phablet only supports 110 MB internally, while it’s equipped with a card slot. This one enables users to save 32 GB more on an external micro SD card.

How to Restore the Micromax Viva

As mentioned before, it is important to create a backup of the data you’d like to keep. The files can be saved on an external device, such as the micro SD card or your computer, while it can also be stored on a cloud. Once you finished the factory reset, you can restore it all back to the smartphone and use it just as you did before.

micromax a72 canvas detailsWhen the backup is done and your phone is ready, you can begin the procedure by doing the following:

  1. Turn the phone off and fully charge the battery.
  2. Press and hold the Power key along with the Volume Down button until the screen displays the Recovery Menu.
  3. Using the Volume buttons, select Wipe Data / Factory Reset and press Menu to continue.
  4. Select Yes with the same Volume keys and confirm with the Menu button.

The phone will automatically turn itself off and restart with a new operating system and a blank memory. This operation will take up to 5 minutes and it can sometimes fail. If the Android logo doesn’t pop up or the procedure is not successful, you can go through the same 4 steps once again. Once it’s over, you can use the backup to restore the data.

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