Micromax A89 Ninja Hard Reset to Factory Soft

Launched in February 2013, Micromax A89 Ninja is one of the highest quality smartphones from this brand. Micromax releases every year a wide variety of phones, tablets, data cards and consumer electronics and is known to come up with devices that work very well. If you own this smartphone and have been experiencing software-related issues like freezes and hangs, we recommend performing a hard reset on the Micromax A89 Ninja.

As you may already know, the process of rebooting a device means restarting its operating system by a cold or warm reset procedure. In the first case, although all software problems will be solved very quickly, the data stored on the phone’s memory will be erased. This is why we suggest making a backup before getting reading any further.

The Micromax A89 Ninja phone comes with a TFT capacitive touchscreen having 256k colors attached with multitouch. The device running on Android OS v4.0.4 (Ice Cream Sandwich) features 512 MB RAM, a dual-core 1 GHz processor and a Li-Ion 1450 mAh battery. When it comes to connectivity, the smartphone is equipped with a 2G and 3G network, Wi-Fi hotspot as well as Bluetooth v2.1 and comes with many included applications that make your user experience more entertaining.


Resetting the Micromax Ninja smartphone

It’s a known fact that in some cases, the problems you’re dealing with might not be complicated enough for a master reset. In this situation, it’s useful to give soft restore a chance before moving further with the necessary steps. To do this, you have to remove and re-insert the battery then restart the device by using the Power key. If this didn’t improve its functionality, you should move to the next step.

This step should be, in any given situation, making a backup of the data you want to save. As previously discussed, the restore procedure will wipe down the files and documents you stored on the phone, which is why it’s best to save it on an external device. This can be a laptop – by connecting the phone to the computer using the USB cable you can save the data into a separate folder.

Another way of doing the same operation is one that’s typical for devices running on the Android Operating System. This being the case of the Micromax A89, you can easily download and install the Phone Copy application. This one is very useful in terms of also organizing the information and helping you share it. It will also guide you through the steps to create the backup you need.

micromax-a89-ninja-keysMoving to the second step, your phone is now ready to be reset to its original software. This can be done following the instructions indicated below:

  1. Switch the phone off and charge it up to at least 80%.
  2. Press and hold the Volume Up and Power keys until the Android logo appears.
  3. To see the menu press the Home key and scroll down to Wipe Data using the Volume keys.
  4. Use the Power key to confirm and with the same Volume buttons, select Yes to continue.
  5. Press Power once again and wait for the phone to reboot.