Micromax A88 Hard Reset to Factory Defaults

A phone available in black and white, the A88 from Micromax is one of the music lovers’ favorite. This is because it comes with FM radio and supports most music files, as well as MP3 and WAV ringtones. If you have this smartphone and would like to restore it to default, you can easily hard reset the Micromax A88 by reading our further instructions.

This procedure will erase everything that you saved onto the phone, as well as the apps you’ve installed. If anything has been transferred into a backup, on the SIM card (such as contacts/messages) or on the micro SD card, all such files are now safe. The operating system will also be reinstalled, the same as it happens when you perform a reset on your computer.

Speaking of storage options, you have 4GB total space on the phone itself. However, you can use the SD card for 8 times more space than that. The 5 MP camera on the back of the phone comes with auto-focus and geotagging, while the one in the front is perfect for taking selfies. Using WLAN and BT 4.0, this is also a great device to use for connectivity.

micromax-a88 full

Taking advantage of the many free apps that Google Play has to offer, as well as the ones that have been automatically installed on the phone from the beginning, you can turn a boring day into something fun. Thanks to the 4.5-inch display with 16M colors, you can make playing games and using these apps much more entertaining. The 1800 mAh battery will also help doing that when away from a charger, as it tends to last for quite a long time.


If you ever see your phone being slower than usual, we recommend trying to solve the problem by taking a few softcore steps first. For example, you could get rid of all the apps and tools that you’re not using and erase some of the older files. In case you still need these ones, you can also transfer them into a backup to make more space.

It is also useful to crash restore the phone when it gets stuck. This is something that can be done by forcing it to switch off with the Power key. Press and hold the latter for a few seconds – this should be enough for the phone to be turned off and cool down. Leave it like this for a few minutes and recharge it, then try to switch it back on.

micromax-a88-resetWhenever the phone is off, taking the battery out and reinserting it can help a lot for the cool down, but it’s not mandatory. To do a master reset, you should follow these steps:

  1. Turn the phone off and press Power & Volume Up.
  2. Hold the keys for 10 secs, and then release.
  3. The logo will appear, and you should select Recovery.
  4. Use Volume Up/Down for scrolling and Power for confirming.
  5. Select Wipe Data, and then highlight Yes as an answer.
  6. Wait for the erasing process to be over and tap Power.

This will confirm that you wish to reboot the phone, which means that it will take up to 3 minutes for it to restart with a brand new OS. It will look just as it used to when you purchased it for the first time. You will now have to install all apps again and transfer the files you need to be using.

Another way to do the reset is this one:

  1. Switch the device off and press Volume Down & Power.
  2. Hold both for 20-30 secs and wait for the logo to pop up.
  3. Follow the instructions to download Android Tool and Drivers.
  4. Install the drivers all by yourself and press 8 & Power.
  5. This will select the Wipe Data option, and the device will restart.