How to Hard Reset the Micromax A110Q Canvas 2 Plus

Rated with 4/5 stars by its users, the A110Q from Micromax is the most brilliant device to use for entertainment. Coming with a 12.7 cms screen and a strong camera, this phone is also equipped with a long-lasting battery and one of the latest versions of Android. This is what perfection looks like at Micromax, but it certainly isn’t cheap. If you purchased and want to hard reset the Micromax A110Q Canvas 2, this article will be your best guide.

While this is a very high-brow smartphone that operates smoothly in the most difficult situations, it is not unbreakable. The same as it happens with most other devices after a while of using them, this phone can also break down, become slow and start freezing. To solve all this kind of issues and many other problems caused by excessive use of the data space and dangerous viruses, you will have to restore all settings to factory default by performing a master reset.

Before you follow our instructions on how to correctly do this on your type of phone, it is important to understand that all files will be lost. Things that you might have copied onto the micro SD card or the SIM card will be safe, but if you have any additional stuff to save, now it’s time to make your backup. Given that a total of 4 GB space is available on this device, you will probably be able to transfer it all onto the 32GB SD card.

Micromax-A110Q-Canvas-2-Plus full

The quad-core 1.2 GHz processor, together with the phone’s PowerVR SGX544 and its two powerful cameras make it very attractive for its customers. The latter are an 8MP camera situated on the back and a 2MP frontal one. While the first cam can be used for taking videos, it also comes with face detection and dual-LED flash. You can buy this phone is black or white and start taking advantage of its Bluetooth 4.0, A-GPS and Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n right now if you want to buy it.


This Canvas 2 smartphone can be easily restored to a functional state by using the soft reset method. This is done by switching it off and taking the battery out. You can also take the SIM card out if you want and leave them both out of their slots for approximately a minute. When you’re ready, reinsert them and try turning the device on. Minor problems might be solvable using this operation, but in case things don’t work keep on reading below.

For a master reset procedure, you will have to do as follows:

  1. Press Volume Keys and Power.Micromax-A110Q-Canvas-2-Plus reset
  2. Hold and wait for the Options to appear.
  3. Press Volume Up, and then quickly press Volume Down.
  4. Follow any additional steps shown on the screen and wait.
  5. When the Android logo appears, you should see a menu right above it.
  6. Use Volume Keys to go to the Factory Reset option, and then press the bottom left key.
  7. Select Yes in the same way as before, and then confirm with the latter-mentioned key.
  8. The data will be deleted, and you will then have to press Home.

The latter step will confirm that you wish to Reboot the System Now, which is the last part of the process. This can take about 2-3 minutes, and it sometimes takes more if your device is very faulty. It will all end with a restart, after which you can restore all documents using the backup.

This is the best way to do a factory reset on the Micromax A110Q, and if it fails to work for you, it might be necessary to talk to a specialist. Taking the device to a service can sometimes help a lot more than trying to solve the problem yourself.