How to Hard Reset the Meizu MX 4-Core Version

With a price varying between $400 and $500, the Meizu MX 4 is not really cheap, but definitely not your most expensive phone, either. It comes with a pretty design, nice interface, a large display, as well as 4G support that work well in most places. These are the things that brought this phone 4 out of 5 stars, although some users complain about the software not being great. If your user experience recently started to deteriorate, a good way to solve the problem might be by hard resetting the Meizu MX 4-Core Version.

Complete in 5 minutes and taking you a maximum of half an hour including the preparation, a master reset is quick and extremely efficient. By reinstalling the initial operating system and restoring your phone’s settings while it deletes every piece of data from the RAM, this procedure will destroy anything similar to a virus. While it is a fairly aggressive operation, it won’t do any harm to your device – not as long as you back up your files, at least.

Previously known as the MX quad-core, the phone comes with a micro SIM card and its capacitive touchscreen measures 4 inches. Equipped with 1GB of RAM, as well as 32 or 64 GB internal storage space depending on the option you went for, there’s a lot of things one can save on this phone. If your Meizu MX 4-Core is full with downloaded files, apps, pics you took, videos you shot and many other documents, saving them via Google Cloud or another device you have at home might be a good solution.


Given that the 4-Core has no support for micro-SD cards, you won’t be able to save any of your important documents there. And I’m pretty sure you have a few good photos to hang onto since this device comes with a strong 8MP camera. Its powerful Wi-Fi 802 hotspot and the BT version 2.1 are part of what guarantees great connectivity, together with the micro USB version 2.0. Its non-removable battery is a 1700 mAh one that lasts for the whole day without needing to recharge, but makes it impossible for you to do soft resets, unfortunately.


Given that soft resetting the MX won’t be possible, it means that your only solution for minor issues would be to take a few easy steps that improve the general performance of any phone. One of them would be to put the phone to sleep and let it charge until it is at 100%. Remove the cables when done and turn it on, then try to remove as many of the unnecessary files from the internal memory.

If there are so many documents you really need, you can also try to transfer part of them onto other devices. A large desktop computer would be useful here, but even external hard drives and laptops can work. A full memory will always slow down the performance and cause the smartphone to block, so if these steps didn’t improve the experience, you might be dealing with a bug.

meizu-mx-quad-core-android-4-resetIn this case, you should do as shown below:

  1. Power Off and press Volume Up & Power.
  2. Hold keys and wait for the Android logo.
  3. Release the buttons and allow for the menu to come up.
  4. The procedure will be automatically started and the phone will restart.

If you have the option of using the keyboard, and in case this one is still properly responding to all basic commands, we recommend trying the method below:

  1. Navigate to the Main Menu and open the Settings folder.
  2. Click on the User Data icon and go to Factory Reset.
  3. Follow all instructions on the screen and the reboot will begin.