Hard Reset the LG Optimus L9 P760 to Factory Soft

Today we will teach you how to do a master reset on the LG Optimus L9 P760. This is a procedure that’s recommended when you’re having software issues with the device, but before we go further into detail, let’s learn the basics about this smartphone. Also popular as the L9 P768 for the US, MEA and Asian regions, the device is being sold as the L9 P765 in India, and it comes with an amazing 8 MP camera on the back of its cover.

You’ll be pleased to learn that the operation that we’ll talk more about in the second part of this article is very easy to do all by yourself. By simply following the instructions shown below, you will be able to get rid of crashes, as well as lags, fatal errors and similar problems. This will all cost one something – it will erase all files that you’ve stored onto the phone. While it’s not a huge issue, we’d like to remind you that making a backup before proceeding is your sole responsibility.

When it comes to internet and connectivity, the Optimus L9 P760 is equipped with BT v3.0, as well as NFC and microUSB v2.0. You can also take advantage of its Wi-Fi 802 hotspot, thanks to which you’ll be able to reach surfing speeds of 21./5.76 Mbps in HSPA. Apart from its primary camera, the same device is also equipped with a VGA camera on the front that only serves for taking photos.


Coming in white and black, this smartphone from LG has an IPS LCD touchscreen with 16M colors that also comes with multitouch. You can store a total of 4 GB of files on the internal memory, and this includes the apps you download, but also the photos and videos you take, the files you save and the ones you work on, contacts and many more. If you ever need to save more than that or want to transfer some of the documents for backup purposes, you can use the 32GB-worth microSD card.

How to Restore the LG Optimus L9

Knowing all the previous details about your device can serve you as a great overview of the way it works. All these basic, but very important features to take note of can often save you from having to perform a master reset on the LG Optimus L9. However, if you’re reading this article now, you’ll most probably want to learn how to get started with this procedure and bring your smartphone back to a functional state.

The first method that we’d like to suggest is going to use the main menu, so you will need a responsive keyboard and a device that doesn’t crush too often. This is the perfect solution to use when dealing with minor issues, as it can sort all of them in just a couple of minutes. Don’t forget to save all important documents before doing as follows:

  1. Open the Apps menu and go to the Settings icon.
  2. Open the Backup and Reset option and click on Factory Data Reset.
  3. Tap Reset Device, and then select Delete All after reading the info.

Restoring the LG phone to factory settings will not delete any of the system updates that you’ve previously downloaded. It will also not affect any of the files stored on the microSD card. However, all that has been saved to the internal memory will be automatically erased by the end of this. If the operation failed to work, please follow the instructions for our second solution.

optimus-l9-p760-resetThe following steps are indicated whenever you cannot go through all the steps for the previous method. It can happen because of a phone that crushes too often or a keyboard that doesn’t respond to usual commands. It can also happen because the issues you’re dealing with are a little more complex. In all such cases, we’d like to advise you to use the hard reset keys, as shown in the image:

  1. Charge the device, and then shut it off.
  2. Press Home + Power + Volume Down keys and hold for 30 seconds.
  3. When the display flashes, release all the previous buttons and wait.
  4. The device will begin performing a factory reset, and it will automatically restart.

If you have any questions regarding the indications above, please feel free to leave us a comment using the field below. In case you went through with all the necessary steps, but the phone still fails to work as it should, we recommend getting in touch with a professional in your town.