Hard Reset the LG Optimus L7 II Dual P715 to Factory Soft

Coming with a radiant rear design and a great layout, this is one of the best-looking models from LG. It is also highly appreciated for coming with a DUAL SIM card and allowing users to easily switch between one card and the other by pressing the Hot key. This one can be found right below the display, on the right hand side, at the bottom. You will also need to use this key when doing a hard reset on the LG Optimus L7 II Dual P715, this being the main topic of our article.

The master reset or factory restore procedure is one of the best and easiest ways to get rid of software issues. These ones can include crashes, errors, lags and similar problems that are often caused by a virus. In order to erase the attacker, the device will also erase all the files stored on the RAM, which means that you should use the microSD card or an external device to make a backup.

Also popular under the name LG Optimus Duet+ or P716 Dual, the smartphone was released in March 2013. It comes with and IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen, Dolby mobile technology and a total of 4 GB internal storage capacity. Using Android’s Jelly Bean as its operating system, the device comes with an Adreno 203 GPU, as well as a dual-core 1 GHz processor.


You can take advantage of a Qualcomm MSM8224 Snapdragon chipset, as well as the three sensors that this phone is equipped with. The latter are an accelerometer, as well as the compass and its proximity sensor. Coming in black and white, the LG Optimus L7 has a removable Li-Ion 2460 mAh battery that serves for up to 800 hours stand-by-time in 3G, as well as approximately 12 hours talk-time.

How to Restore the LG Optimus L7

When it comes to restoring this type of LG back to factory software, it doesn’t take a lot of effort to do so by following a few simple steps. What you should bear in mind, though, is the fact that all pictures, videos, applications, messages, contacts and similar files will have been erased from the internal memory by the end of the reset. This is why we recommend our readers to make a backup that includes all the documents they want to avoid losing.

lg_optimus_l7_ii_dual_p715-825resetOne of the easiest ways to reset this device, the same as you can do with most other LG models, is to use the Repair tool. This one is also known as the LG Mobile Support tool and can be downloaded from the brand’s website or Softpedia. Once you do this, you should follow the steps to install it, and then do as shown below:

  1. Click on Customer Support, and then tap Recovery Phone.
  2. Go to Support and select Mobile Phone Support.
  3. Choose the model that you wish to reset and confirm with OK.

The operation will automatically begin once you read the warning and agree with all terms. You will be shown on the screen what exactly is going on, so you never need to worry about the device being stuck or having crushed. Once this will be done, the LG Optimus L7 will restart by itself. If this didn’t work, please do the following for the second method:

  1. Completely charge the phone and switch it off.
  2. Press Volume Down & Power + the Hot key and hold for 10 secs.
  3. Wait for the LG logo to pop up, and then release all buttons.
  4. Press Power twice to confirm the process, and then the device will reboot.

The phone is going to restart once this operation is complete, and you can then work on the LG Optimus the same as before. You will also be able to use the backup file you’ve created in order to restore the important files. Please reinstall apps you need, and you will have a brand new device working just the same as you had it before the reset.