Kindle Fire HD Hard Reset to Factory Settings (with/without password)

Today’s article is going to explain how to hard reset the Kindle Fire HD with and without using the password. Released in September 2012, this is a high quality tablet that comes with no support for GSM voice communication. If you happen to forget the PIN code, the device is running slow, or you simply want to bring it back to factory state, you should continue reading.

As you may already know, a master reset is the procedure that refreshes the tablet’s software by erasing all data, removing all bugs, and making it functional again. Being a simple thing to do, it can be easily performed at home by the user, which is why we’re going to include all the necessary steps in the following paragraphs.

amazon-kindle-fire-hd-fullThe Kindle Fire HD comes with a non-removable Li-Ion battery and it runs on Android OS v4.0. Some of its other relevant features are the dual-core 1.2 GHz processor, the 1 GB of RAM in terms of storing capacity and the IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen attached with 16M colors. If you like listening to music, you should know that this tablet allows users to play most media files, while it has integrated stereo speakers and it’s equipped with Dolby Digital Plus sound enhancer.


You probably realized by now that the first important step will be to create a backup. Given the fact that a lot of files and folders will be erased, it’s important to save everything you wouldn’t want to lose in the process. This can be done by using the PhoneCopy app that is not just meant for smartphones, although its name might be confusing. In case you want to do the transfer manually, you can also connect the tablet to any external device with the USB cable and copy all the documents you wish.

If you still remember the passcode of the tablet, there are two ways of performing the reset. The first one is illustrated in the video below:

  1. Pull the Main Menu down then tap More.
  2. Open the folder corresponding to My account and click on Deregister.
  3. Go to the Settings folder and tap More to continue.
  4. Go to Device and select Reset to Factory Default.
  5. Choose Factory Reset to confirm and click on Erase Everything.

kindle fire hd data resetThe second method is very easy to follow as well and can be done by following the instructions:

  1. Go to the Home Screen and click on Quick Settings.
  2. Choose More and go to Device.
  3. Select the Reset to Factory Defaults option and tap Erase Everything to confirm.
  4. Read all instructions on the screen and wait for the reboot to be over.

For those of you who forgot their password, the operation is even easier and much faster. To go for this one, you should try to insert a random password for 5 times. Once you finished typing it for the fifth time wrong, the tablet will automatically ask for the permission to reset itself. All you have to do is tap Reset Now and then Erase Everything on the next screen. The reboot will start immediately and take a maximum of five minutes to finish.