Kindle Fire HD 8.9 Hard Reset to Factory Settings

Today’s article is going to show you how to perform a soft and hard reset on the Kindle Fire HD 8.9. You probably are familiar with this tablet that comes with no support for GSM voice communication, as well as SMS and MMS. Known for its outstanding reputation as a high-quality tablet, the device is easily portable and comes with an attractive look.

If you’re been experiencing problems with the device, such as errors or freezes during operations, the tablet is unusually slow or you simply forgot the password, we recommend performing a factory reset on the Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8.9. This procedure is very efficient is solving software-related issues by restoring the phone to original software and wiping the memory.


Running on Android OS v4.0, the Kindle Fire HD 8.9 was launched in October 2012 to become one of the most craved tablets from this brand. It features an IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen attached with multitouch that allows up to 5 users to give commands at the same time. Being a non-GSM device, communication is possible on the tablet via the Wi-Fi 802 hotspot, Bluetooth with A2DP and using the integrated apps it comes with, such as Facebook.

How to Restore the Kindle Fire

Before thinking about a more aggressive procedure, it’s best to try to do a soft recovery on the tablet first. To do this, you should power the device off, remove and re-insert the battery then turn it back on. If you’re still experiencing the same problems as before, please continue reading for more details.

As we explained at the beginning of the article, the master reset operation will affect the Kindle Fire HD by erasing all the data stored on its internal memory. What this means is that all the files and folders you previously saved will not be available on the tablet after the refresh procedure. To avoid losing anything, we suggest performing a backup by connecting the device to a PC via the USB cable. Alternatively, you can also use the Phone Copy app to save all contacts, application details and media content.

If the device is having problems and you decided a software reset will be necessary, make sure the battery is charged up to at least 40% and try the steps below:

  1. Pull the Main Menu down and click on More.
  2. Go to My account and Tap Deregister.
  3. Once the information is removed, go to Settings and press More.
  4. Go to Device and tap Reset to Factory Default.
  5. Hit Factory Reset and confirm my tapping Erase Everything.
  6. The tablet will be shut down and erase all the data.