Amazon Kindle Fire hard reset guide (restore factory settings)

Do you need to erase all data from your Amazon Kindle Fire? Call it a hard reset, a master reset, but in essence it’s merely a restore to factory settings. This is used if you ever find yourself in need to pass on your Kindle Fire as a gift or if your device becomes laggy, maybe unresponsive. If you’ve forgotten your Lock Screen Security Password, there’s no need to hurry up and spend money at the service center. Restoring to factory settings is a good workaround for that too.

As you may have heard, this process will indeed erase every byte of data available on the internal memory so before proceeding make sure you back up crucial information, especially pictures, music, e-books or other purchased videos.

Knowing the details:


We consider knowledge to be of utmost importance. Knowing what your Kindle packs under its hood might improve the way you experience your device:

The Amazon Kindle Fire was released in the November of 2011. It weighs 413 grams and elates you with a 7 inch IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen capable of a multitouch of up to two fingers. It has a loudspeaker and a 3.5mm jack, offering versatility, yet no external card slot – 8GB of internal storage will have to do.

The device should behave well with its 1GHz Dual-core Cortex-A9 CPU, its GPU and 512 Mb of RAM. The Kindle Fire runs a customized version of Android 2.3 and owns a non-removable 4400 mAh battery.

Before restoring to factory settings, make sure to back-up your data (via PC or Cloud) – photos, videos, e-books and other media, as this process will erase all data. Also, make sure that your battery life is at least at 40% and not below – otherwise, we do not recommend the following procedure.

How to Hard Reset the Kindle Fire:

Ready? Here is how to restore to factory defaults your Amazon Kindle Fire:

  1. Go to the Dock, at the top of the screen, and go into Settings.
  2. Touch the More tab and afterwards touch Device.
  3. Scroll down until you see Reset to Factory Defaults button and push it.
  4. Let the Kindle reboot and set its Timezone and Account settings, to import purchases once again.

The video linked above also guides you through the steps.