How to Hard Reset the Karbonn A2 to Factory Settings

Released in March 2013, the Karbonn Smart A2 has the ability too meet users basic demands. As a budget smartphone, it can still have a stylish look and at the same time, a good performance.   If you’re facing problems with your Karbonn A2, experiencing lags in launching apps or the system simply doesn’t run well, that can really force you to do a hard reset. With time these problems can become worse so wiping the phone clean might be the only option that you have.

The main differences between the Karbonn A1+ and this Karbonn A2 are the screen size and battery life. The device is a single core dual SIM handset running Android 2.3.6 with 256 MB RAM. Karbonn A2 spots a 4 inch touchscreen with 3 Mp rear camera and front VGA camera. Sadly, the phone does not support 3 G. The A2 comes with 256 MB RAM and internal storage of 202 MB with micro SD card support. A2 comes with a strong 1750 mAh battery, which survives throughout a usual day.

Factory Reset the Karbonn A2


A factory reset means erasing everything from the internal memory so if you don’t want to deal with the loss of your contacts, pictures, messages, music make sure you do a backup on an external device or on your SD card. This article will show you how to get to a fresh start by pointing you the steps of doing a factory reset.

To factory reset the Karbonn A2 follow the below steps, but only after you backed up all your data on an external device:

  1. First, you should simultaneously press and hold Volume up and Power button.
  2. Next, from the Recovery options menu, select Wipe data.
  3. Now you should tap Factory reset and touch Enter Key to confirm.
  4. Select Yes – Delete all user data and tap Enter Key to confirm.

Your phone will now reboot and will be back to factory settings.