Hard Reset the Huawei Ascend Y300 to Factory Soft

Fortunately enough, it is far from being complicated to hard reset the Huawei Ascend Y300. This phone coming with a battery that can be taken out of its slot within seconds, you can perform a soft reset before you take any further action. If this fails to work, out suggestion is to go for one of the two methods in the second section below.

To clarify the procedure, a master reset is going to quickly remove all viruses from the system. In order to efficiently do this, it will restore the OS and settings to factory mode and will remove the files stored on the RAM. It won’t, however, touch anything that you saved directly onto the SIM, so there’s nothing to worry about from that point of view.

In order to protect you files from the 4GB internal memory, you can either transfer them to a microSD card that stores up to 32GB or move them onto a different device. Since this Huawei phone is powered by Jelly Bean – version 4.1 of Android – you can also take advantage of Google Cloud to create your backup. This is an essential step to take in order to keep on enjoying the photos and videos taken using the 5MP camera.


Apart from the latter, you can also use the VGA frontal camera for selfies and video-chatting with friends. The 4 inches display is covered by scratch-resistant glass and comes with a variety of colors that will be particularly entertaining while watching movies or playing games. Some of the latest apps and video games can be downloaded for free from Google Play using the Wi-Fi 802 hotspot. Don’t forget the dual-core 1 GHz processor and Adreno 203 GPU when trying to restore this phone to a functional state.


To quickly remove a forgotten password, delete all files, restore the settings or reinstall the OS, you can count on the factory reset to solve everything. Before you get started, make a backup and remove the SIM card. This way, you avoid anything stored on the latter card being erased, and you will have all your internally-stored files in one place.

As seen in the video below, you should use the hard reset keys like this:

  1. Turn the phone off & hold Volume Up & Power.
  2. Release keys and let the menu load.
  3. Use Volume to go to Wipe Data, and then press Power.
  4. Select Yes and use the Power button to confirm.

In the video, it takes 2 minutes for the Ascend phone, model Y300 to erase all data and restore the original settings, as well as the corresponding operating system. Once this is done, you will be able to see the phone restart, and you can then copy your files from the backup.

Another way to do the same is this one:

  1. Go to the Menu and open the Apps folder.
  2. Select Settings and look for Backup & Reset.
  3. Go to the option for Factory Reset and tap Reset Phone.
  4. Read the info and click on Erase All to get started.