How to Hard Reset the Huawei Ascend G615

Having a good performance as well as being well equipped, Huawei did a great job with the Ascend G615. Released in March 2013, the device features Android 4.0 and a 16-core GPU. However, it comes a time when your Ascend G615 won`t work as on its first day of use and you`ll experience an upsetting behavior such as never ending loading time, software problems or apps freezes. If these problems that became persistent brought you here and your device seems to keep crashing regardless what you do, it might be time to perform a factory reset on your G615.  This is a rapid and simple method that basically brings your phone back to the factory settings in just a couple of seconds.

The main aspect that you need to know about this procedure is that you`ll deal with the erase of all data stored on the internal memory. So if you don`t want to deal with the situation when you`ll lose important information, please do a backup of all contacts, messages, pictures, downloaded apps and any other data.

There are not many similarities between Ascend G615 and its predecessor, Huawei G600, except for the appearance. They have the same build quality and they both measure 145 gram weight. The G615 features a 4.5-inch touchscreen display and 1280 x 720 pixels with 326 DPI. When it comes to connectivity, the device features a 8 MP camera and has a dual LED flash system. The overall performance is convenient and the G615 has an aquad-core processor with a 1.4 Ghz speed.

Hard resetting your Ascend G615

As said before, hard resetting will erase all data from the internal memory so before proceeding it`s important to backup everything on any external device. Next, make sure that you have the battery charged because if anything interrupts the reset procedure that might lead to permanent damage to your device. Now, you can follow these instructions:
huawei hard reset

  1. Firstly, select Apps from the Menu.
  2. Now go to Settings and press the Back&reset option.
  3. Next, find and press the Factory data reset option and then tap Reset phone.
  4. To confirm your decision, press Erase everything and the procedure is complete.

The second method requires using the hardware buttons and will result in the erase of all data form the device. It`s suitable when your phone is unresponsive and you can`t access the menu.

  1. Begin by turning off your phone.
  2. Next, press simultaneously the Volume up and Power buttons, and release them when the Android logo appears.
  3. When the recovery mode appears, browse to Factory reset/wipe data using the Volume button and confirm your choice by pressing the Power button.
  4. Wait for the phone to reboot.