Hard Reset the HTC Windows Phone 8S A620e to Factory Settings

A cute phone with a quirky design, the HTC Windows Phone 8S is also popular as the A620e from the same brand. Its storage capacity is expandable thanks to the microSD card slot, and the dual-core processor guarantees high speed responses from one of the most loved devices launched by HTC. You probably know that this one was released in the autumn of 2012, and in case you ever have trouble handling this phone, you can bring it back to a functional state using a few simple steps.

Specially designed for those of you who own this HTC and have been dealing with various issues lately, today’s article will talk exactly about the steps we previously mentioned. By carefully following those and making sure that you understand how this process works, you will be performing a hard reset on the HTC Windows Phone 82 A620e. As it happens with most similar operations, this one has its positive and negative aspects. One of the bad parts you should take into consideration is the fact that you will be losing all user data.

Although this is a major aspect that you should never forget when you get started with the master reset, the good news is that this HTC phone allows you to save the data. This way, you can avoid losing important documents by transferring them on the 32 GB micro SD card. Alternatively the microUSB v2.0 will let you connect the device to a laptop or PC in order to copy your files. The total capacity of the internal memory adds up to 4 GB, although the RAM can only save 512 MB of data.


Even if you’re bothered by the low resolution of the display, you will probably appreciate the very good internet and included GPS this phone comes with. Apart from these features, this is a Windows Phone powered by the 8th version of this operating system. Thanks to this OS, as well as the Snapdragon S4 chipset, the HTC 8S is a high quality device equipped with a 5 MP camera that can also be used for recording moving image.


As indicated in the above paragraphs, it’s not difficult to create a backup before you restore the HTC Windows Phone to original settings. To realize how this is actually done, you should be aware of the fact that everything will be brought back to factory status, which means that any settings you chose will be erased, as well as the files you saved on your phone’s memory. These ones include any apps, but also user data, contacts, messages and media files that you downloaded.

It is a key step in this procedure to save everything that’s important to you, because you won’t be able to get them back once it’s all done. Whenever you feel ready to move further with the factory restore, you can use the method listed below:

  1. Keeping the phone on, go to the Start screen and slide to the left.
  2. This will open the Main Menu; then click on Settings for additional info.
  3. Select the About section, and then choose Reset Phone.
  4. If necessary, tap Yes and wait for about 5 minutes.

htc-8s-keyWhen the phone will finish rebooting, it will restart without asking you to press any button. Please keep away from the screen and avoid touching any keys, as this might disturb the procedure. In case this didn’t function well for you or the phone refuses to turn on, you can do the following:

  1. Switch the power off, and then charge the phone to 100%.
  2. Press and hold Volume Down while briefly pressing Power.
  3. Release both keys and use the volume buttons to scroll.
  4. To choose the Factory Reset option, use Volume Down and press Power.
  5. Press Volume Down once again to confirm and allow a few minutes for this to be done.