HTC Smart Hard Reset to Factory Soft

With a design that screams quality all around, the HTC Smart started to be sold in the US in 2010. Not a long time after that, the same smartphone became reknown in all Europe and slowly made its ways into other countries in the world. The interface looks the same like the one of any standard HTC phone, just that the scrolling is done on the whole display rather than just its lower part. This way, you can see all applications and take advantage of the integrated ones for Facebook and Twitter.

If you’re dealing with some issues on your HTC Smart, you should try to perform a soft reset before you do anything else. This can be done by restarting the phone and removing its battery for a few seconds while it’s switched off. In case the problems persist after turning it back on, your device might have been attacked by a powerful virus. This is where our article comes in, as we will explain how to do a hard reset on the HTC Smart. To find out more about this procedure, continue reading or scroll down directly to the instructions section.

The TFT capacitive touchscreen comes with 143 ppi density and give a nice, colorful aspect to all images on the phone. Together with the 300 MHz processor, the 256 MB of RAM and same amount of ROM make this HTC phone function at very high standards. If you’d like to take great photos, you shouldn’t forget about the rear-facing 3.15 MP camera with a resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels.


Coming with a radio and support for most types of music files, this phone is a great travelling companion. The battery of 1100 mAh supports up to 450 hours stand-by in 2G and a maximum of 600 in 3G. Once you get the phone running, you can choose any of the over 50,000 applications that can be downloaded on this device.


Before you begin to reboot the smartphone, you should not forget to make a recent backup. By the end of the master reset, all of the files including contacts, apps, pics and videos will be erased. This is why we always advice our clients to use the USB cable to connect the phone to any device they want (indicated is a PC or tablet, as they have a larger memory) and transfer the data into a folder.

If you’re done with saving the files, and you already tried doing a soft reset without any success, we’d like to guide you all the way into restoring the HTC Smart to original software. You have two options to choose from – you can go for the Menu solution if you can still use the phone’s settings or use the exterior keys if you cannot.

Please follow these indications to do a factory reset via the menu:htc-smart-keys

  1. Bring the phone back to its Home Screen and open the Menu.
  2. Go to the Settings icon and select Security.
  3. Choose Factory Data Reset, and then enter the “1234” code.
  4. Tap OK when you’re done and the process will begin.

If you can’t turn the device on or access its settings, you can do the same as before via the buttons on the chassis of the HTC Smart:

  1. Switch the phone off and press Power and both Volume keys.
  2. Read the warning message and press Volume Down to choose Factory Reset.
  3. Use any of the other buttons in order to cancel and wait until it restarts.
  4. When the operation is complete, use the Volume Down key to restart.
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    both volumes n power buttons brings a red,green blue, n white screen showing rom 1000 etc