Hard Reset HTC One V T320e to Factory Soft

Taking a quick look at the HTC One V T320e, we can notice that this is one of the smallest, but also most affordable smartphones from the HTC One line-up. Coming with a Super LCD2 capacitive touchscreen equipped with multitouch, this device became available to the public in April 2012. If owning this one, you begun to deal with failing apps, fatal errors and other messages that interfere with your experience, today’s article will show you how to get rid of them.

Beginning with a short explanation, we should tell you that this article will focus on performing a hard reset on the HTC One V T320e. For those of you who don’t know what this procedure is all about, it’s all simple – it is a quick way to bring the phone back to its default software by erasing the user data saved on its memory. This is done in a maximum of 5 minutes, involving as little effort as possible. To avoid the possibly damaging side effects, please read this carefully and follow our indications.

The 5 MP camera placed on the back makes it a great phone for taking photos and 720p videos. Being so small and thin, it can be easily handled with one hand, and it can be carried around in your pocket without taking too much space. Underneath the 3.7 inches display, there are 3 main buttons – one for the back function, another one for going to the Home Screen and one for multitasking, which is also known as the Send button.


Just like most other HTC smartphones, this one comes with 4 GB internal storage capacity and a slot for using a micro SD card. The latter lets users save additional files as long as they’re not larger than 32 GB total. Powered by Android’s Ice Cream Sandwich operating system, the device has stereo FM radio and supports A-GPS while it has a 1 GHz processor and a non-removable battery.


When it comes to regaining control over your phone, it is important to make sure you tried everything before you move on to an aggressive process. This is why we suggest doing a soft reset on your phone. It might sound weird for you to try such an operating since the battery can’t be taken out. However, we still recommend powering the phone off with the on/off key, and then removing its SIM. After a couple of minutes, you can place it in and switch the HTC on.

The next step to take if this didn’t work is a hard reset that uses the phone’s main settings. It is a mildly aggressive option, but it requires you to save all of the files before moving further. Once you’re ready creating a backup, please do this:

  1. Slide the Notifications tray open, and then click on Settings.
  2. Tap Storage and go down in the menu to choose Factory Data Reset.
  3. Tap Reset Phone and confirm it by selecting Erase Everything.

If you were unable to use the previous method, you can then move on to one of the most aggressive ones you could use. Please bear in mind that you are responsible for saving your photos, music, videos, contact list, messages and all other data before you get started. All damages caused by this procedure all your responsibility. Use these instructions as your guidance:

  1. htc-one-v-keysTurn the HTC off, and then press Volume Down and Power.
  2. Hold these keys and wait for the Android logo to appear.
  3. Release them and wait for the Recovery Menu to load.
  4. Using Volume Down, select Factory Reset and tap Power.

Once you press the Power key for the last time, you will confirm the previously selected option. This one is the Factory Data Reset that will instantly erase all of your documents. Please remember that you can’t recover these ones after the process is done. Wait for about 5 minutes before you try restoring the docs from your backup.

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