HTC HD mini T5555 Hard Reset to Factory Soft

For those who enjoy a small device with a capacitive touchscreen, but aren’t that much into the additional features of the HD2, this phone looks like the best option. The HD mini T5555 from HTC was made available in April 2010 and comes in a rather boxy, but very cute shape. If you’re happy enough to own this smartphone, today’s article will be perfect for you, as we will show you how to keep it functional and as great as it is now.

By doing a hard reset on the HTC HD mini T5555, you will bring the device back to its original software and settings. This being said, all of the files you stored on the internal memory will be erased in order for the process to be possible. There’s no reason to worry about the data you copied on the SIM card or your micro SD one, as all that is safe and can be used later on. Please make a backup of the other (unsafe) documents so you don’t lose anything.

Using Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.5.3 Professional as its operating system, this HTC device has a Qualcomm chipset type MSM7227. It’s also powered by the 600 MHz processor and the Adreno 200 GPU. You can easily surf the internet and download apps thanks to the 3G network and powerful Wi-Fi connection that lets you reach the speed of 7.2 Mbps.


With an HVG resolution, the display is equipped with multitouch and brings a wide palette of colors into your home. There is no camera shutter placed on the side of the chassis, as you might have been used to from other smartphones. However, the 5 MP camera works great for shooting photos and recording videos, and it allows you to check the quality of the results before saving them.


If you are currently dealing with any sort of system trouble with your phone, our suggestion is to go for a factory restore. However, before you consider this option, you might also want to check if a soft reset does anything to your HTC. To do this, you will only have to restart the device, and when it is still switched off, remove the battery from its slot. You will then need to place it back into the same place and power the phone on.

To restore everything back to default, the device will have to remove any settings you changed to customize the HTC, all programs you downloaded and installed and any of the data you created or copied from the web. Bear in mind that you should save everything from the memory in case you have important files you don’t want to get lost.

htc-hd-mini-keysTo clear the storage of the HTC HD mini you should do these:

  1. Switch the phone off and remove all additional cables.
  2. Press both Volume + and Volume -, and then briefly tap Power.
  3. When the phone vibrates, release Volume and keep holding the Power.
  4. Wait for the menu to load, and then let go of all buttons.
  5. Press Volume Up to choose Factory Reset; the phone will start rebooting.

The same operation can be done by using the phone’s menu. In case you don’t have access to the settings, the first solution is the best one. The following is an easier way to reboot the HTC mini:

  1. From the Home Screen, go to the Settings folder.
  2. Scroll down, and then select Security.
  3. Choose Factory Reset and enter “1234”.
  4. Tap Yes to confirm and allow your device to be restarted.