Hard Reset the HTC Droid DNA to Factory Soft

The HTC Droid DNA is a quad-core touch screen smart phone released in November 2012. It features a 1080p screen and two very high quality cameras that set it apart from the competition. If you own this phone and have begun to notice a decrease in the responsiveness of its applications, frequent hangs and other worrying problems there is a solution at hand that could resolve them.

If you take the following steps to hard reset the HTC Droid DNA, the reinstallation of the Android operating system will likely remove all of the corrupted software that is causing you trouble.


The HTC Droid DNA is a very powerful full-featured 4G phone. Like the Inspire 4G, it is one of HTC’s flagship phones. It got great reviews all around, with many users praising its speed, ease of use, and clever implementation of Android 4.1 features. The HTC comes with 2 GB of RAM, which gives it a level of computing power comparable to laptops released only a few years prior. It carries the latest connectivity technologies, including 4G and 5 GHz 802.11 A Wi-Fi, making it a true power user’s ideal phone.

With all of these options and features, it’s incredibly likely that you have filled your HTC with a great deal of applications and other personal data that you do not want to lose. This data will be erased from the phone’s 16 GB internal hard drive when you complete the process, so be sure to make a back up of your data beforehand. This can be done wirelessly through a cloud service, or via USB connection a computer. Making that backup before continuing any further is of critical importance.

Resetting the HTC Droid DNA


If you have made your backup and you are ready to hard reset the HTC Droid DNA, the process can be done in one of two ways, the first of which is through the built-in firmware of the phone:

  1. While the phone is off, hold down the Power and Volume down keys.
  2. When the Boot Mode Selection menu pops up, release the buttons.
  3. Boot into Recovery Mode and select Factory Reset.
  4. Confirm and then let the phone reset itself, it will take a few minutes.

There is another method by which you can reset the HTC Droid DNA to factory settings, as well. This is done through the software menu available through the home screen menu:

  1. Enter your Applications folder and then tap on Settings
  2. Tap on Backup & Reset, then on Reset Phone.
  3. The phone might ask you for your PIN code, enter your code, confirm, and continue.