How to Hard Reset the HTC Desire U to Factory Soft

This HTC phone was released in mid-2013 to be an impressive smartphone that is also being sold in China under the name HTC T327w. If you wonder what some of its best qualities are, we have to tellyou that it has a super LCD capacitive touchscreen that works perfectly well.

As it happens with similar smartphones, though, software-related issues will probably not skip this device, either. They can be due to many reasons, but one of the most common ones it having copied a virused file. If that’s the case, the best solution we can think of is to hard reset the HTC Desire U.

It uses Android OS v4.0 as its operating system and comes with a 1 GHz processor and 512 MB RAM. Apart from that, it also uses external micro SD card to store max. 32 GB. The phone can also be used to take pictures and videos, as it’s equipped with a 5 MP professional camera. The same HTC Desire U also has a Wi-Fi 802 hotspot and comes with free included apps such as Youtube, Maps, Google Talk, etc

Resetting the HTC Desire U

htc-desire-uAs mentioned in the first part of the article, whenever you restore the HTC Desire U to original settings, all of the contacts, applications and media content will be erased. This is why we suggest making a backup of the personal information before moving any further. The Phone Copy application is one of the most popular one to use for such purposes, but a cloud or the micro SD card are also good solutions.

To begin the procedure, there are two options you could go for. The first one is to use the phone’s main menu and the second one is to perform a hard reset using the hardware buttons. To begin with the first option, please follow the steps below:
htc desire keys

  1. Open the Main Menu and click the Settings icon.
  2. Choose the Storage option and select Factory data reset.
  3. Confirm by selecting Reset phone and tap Erase everything.
  4. The phone will begin the process; please avoid interrupting it.

For a device that fails to respond to the commands above, try doing this:

  1. Switch the phone off then press and hold Volume – and Power.
  2. Once the Android logo pops up, release the keys and use Volume buttons to choose Clear Storage/Factory Reset.
  3. Confirm your option with the Power button and press Volume Up to begin the factory restore procedure.
  4. Wait for the phone to reboot; use the backup when it’s ready.