HTC Desire SV T326e Hard Reset Guide to Factory Settings

Released in  2012, November,  the HTC Desire SV T326e is perfect for business as well as personal work. The aim of this article is to help you solve your problems with the your HTC and bring it back to the factory setting. The most useful method to get rid of all those slow performing applications and frequent freezes is to hard reset the phone, which basically means to bring it back to the initial state when you first bought it.

This method also works when you notice an excess battery drain or in the unfortunate times when you forget your password.  But before going any further keep in mind that by the end of this process you`ll have all your data erased, including music, contacts, and photos, so you better do a backup of all your important information now, before it`s too late.

HTC Desire sports a 4.3 inch, 16 M, 480 x 800 pixels, Super LCD2 capacitive touch screen. It houses 4 GB internal storage which is expandable by 32 GB via SD card. Its dual SIM allows two separate accounts on the phone. It runs Android 4.0 and has 1 GHz Dual Core processor.Also, the 8 Mega Pixel camera with autofocus and LED flash takes high quality pictures.

Factory reset the HTC Desire SV


Next, we`ll show you some simple and easy methods to reset your phone, but remember to back up all your information, otherwise this process will erase all your data from the internal memory.

  1. Find the Settings option from the Main menu.
  2. Now scroll and tap Privacy from the menu appeared.
  3. Select Factory data reset and then tap Erase Everything.
  4. Your HTC Desire will now reset, erasing everything from the internal memory.

When the phone is unresponsive

If you can’t turn your HTC Desire on to access settings or the phone is unresponsive, you can still perform a factory reset by using the hardware buttons.

  1. First you should remove and reinsert the battery.
  2. Next, press and hold simultaneously the Volume down button and the Power button.
  3. Wait for the main screen with the Android image to appear, and then release the buttons.
  4. Press Volume down to select Clear storage, and then press and release the Power button.
  5. Now press Volume up for YES or Volume down for NO to confirm your decision.

Once the wipe is complete and all the data are erased, the phone will reboot to the factory settings.