Hard Reset the HTC Desire S back to Factory Software

The HTC Desire S is a smartphone which features similar internal hardware as its predecessor, the HTC Desire, but comes with a 33 % increase in RAM and 100% increase in internal storage capacity. Released in March 2011, sometimes you may notice the device is not working properly, which means it’s time to perform a hard reset to factory software.

Before you decide to buy another phone, is indicated to try to return it to its original state, like it was the first time you turn it on. So, in this way, you can resolve a persistent problem and different application errors which may appear. Also, if you update different application from market at once, the device may become unresponsive and is necessary to perform a factory restore.

HTC Desire S

Initially, the HTC Desire S had run on Android 2.3 with HTC Sense 2.1 and later was upgraded to Android 2.3.5 with HTC Sense 3.0. Other features of this phone include a front-facing VGA camera and a 5 MP rear camera, along with a 94 mm SLCD overlaid with gorilla glass.

How to Restore the HTC Desire S

Before you restore the HTC Desire S to factory settings, it’s vital to back up all your data, if not all your data and customize settings will be deleted. So, be sure to save any file and data you want to keep.

Hard Reset the HTC Desire SYou must follow the next steps, using the hard reset buttons:

  1. Turn the power off and if your device is frozen, take out the battery and after that put it back.
  2. Hold the Volume Down button and press and release the Power button.
  3. It will open a menu that shows Fastbook, Recovery, clear Storage and Simlock.
  4. Press Volume Down button to chose Clear Storage and then press and release the Power button.
  5. By taping Volume up, you  confirm the restoring process and your HTC Desire S will begin to work properly again.

Also, you can perform a factory reset via the Android settings menu, by following the next steps:

  1. Press  from the home screen, and then go to settings.
  2. After that, tap SD & phone storage and go to Factory data reset.
  3. Now choose Reset phone and then select Erase everything.