HTC Desire Hard Reset to Factory Soft

Also known as HTC Bravo or HTC Desire A8181, the famous HTC Desire was launched in February 2010 to become one of the most craved smartphones from this brand. The device has a good reputation for performance and very high quality, being specially designed to make internet browsing easier.

As it happens with all smartphones, this one can also experience some software-related problems every now and then. If you own this phone and would like to quickly refresh its software, we suggest hard resetting the HTC Desire. The same can be done if you’re locked outside your phone, in case you forgot the Security Password. Although a highly efficient operation, you should not forget that this one will also erase the data stored on the memory of the device. This is why we’re going to show you how to make a backup of the files you’d like to keep.


Before moving on to further steps, we’d like to give you a few more details about the HTC Bravo. Running on Android OS v2.1 (Éclair), the phone’s operating system can be switched to Froyo – v2.2. In terms of photography, it only features one 5 MP camera and no rear one. If you love music, though, the good news is the device comes with a stereo FM radio, an included Youtube app and support for most music file types. When it comes internet connection, there is a Wi-Fi 802 hotspot and a dedicated search key, while the phone is known to work at a very good speed.


A data reset is going to renew the HTC Desire’s operating system, which is why we recommend it whenever the phone is running slow, experiences errors or freezes. As mentioned before, your phone’s memory will also be wiped down. To avoid losing any of the contacts, media content or apps stored on the device, you should save all the files on an external device.

To create a backup of the data, you can use the USB cable to connect the phone to a computer and create a folder that will enable the recovery of all files once the process is over. Alternatively, if you prefer working with an application, we recommend using the Phone Copy one for Android devices that will guide you into creating the backup you need. Once you’re done, you can use one of the two method below to perform the master reset.


  1. Go to the Home Screen and open the Menu.
  2. Tap Settings and scroll down to Privacy.
  3. Choose Factory Data Reset and tap Reset Phone to continue.
  4. Confirm the choice my pressing Erase Everything and wait for the device to be turned off.


  1. Power the device off and remove the battery then re-insert it.
  2. With the device turned off, simultaneously press and hold the following buttons: Power (no.1) and Volume Down (no.2).
  3. Release both keys when the 3 Android logos appear then use the Volume buttons to scroll down to Clear Storage.
  4. Press the Power key to confirm and wait for the reboot to begin.
  5. If prompted, use the Volume Up button to choose Yes and allow the phone to power off.
  • Adrian Rea

    I have an htc Bravo that when powered on remains on the htc logo screen forever. When I try to reset it as you say it does all that you say but on reboot it gives five vibrates and then hangs with no screen. Is there a way to load a whole new OS? I have read around and this is a common problem but I cannot find the RUU files they speak of and using the “place in the freezer” sounds silly!

    Any help would be appreciated.