HTC Desire C A320e Hard Reset to Factory Settings

Having entered the market in June 2012, the HTC Desire C A320e is simple to hard reset. This article will show you how to solve all software issues on this smartphone, by indicating all the necessary steps in an orderly manner. Please read all the instructions carefully, and make sure you understand the risks that are involved.

As you may have already found out, a factory or master reset is a full restoring procedure performed on an electronic device that brings this one to its default settings. By doing so, it also deletes all of the information stored on its memory, allowing you to keep what’s saved on the SIM. This operation can be necessary from time to time, whenever a device is no longer working properly.

Before we move further with the details, it’s important to know that this phone is powered by Android OS – it uses the Ice Cream Sandwich version and cannot be upgraded to Jelly Bean or others. With 4 GB of total space on its internal memory, the HTC Desire C operates on a 600 MHz processor and comes with 2 main sensors: one for proximity and another one for acceleration.

htc-desire-c-fullAlso equipped with GPS and stereo FM, this device is perfect to take along on a long trip. It will not only show you the way to your destination, but it’ll also keep you entertained with great music. Apart from listening to the radio, you can also save your own music on this one – MP3s, WAV, WMA and eAAC+ are all supported.


First of all, you can start by doing a warm reset on the phone. Don’t forget to switch the phone off before trying to remove its battery or SIM card, as it will severely damage your HTC to forcefully take these ones out while it’s still on.

Only after having created a recent backup with all the important data you’d like to keep, you can softly restore the HTC to functionality by pressing the Power key. Hold this button for a couple of seconds, and then wait for the display to go off. When this is done, you can take the battery out and let it breathe for a while. For a better result, you can also remove the SIM. When at least 1 minute has passed, you can reinsert them and turn the phone on.

Bear in mind that this will only unfreeze an unresponsive device and make the main applications work. In case your phone has been infected by a virus, this process won’t work and you will need to read further for various other options.

In order to safely perform a cold reset on your HTC Desire C A320e, you will need to follow these steps:

  1. From the Main display, you should tap Menu and select Settings.
  2. Click on the Privacy icon, and then scroll down to Factory Reset.
  3. Click on Reset Phone and read the warning message.
  4. When ready, tap Erase Everything and the operation will begin.

htc-desire-c-keyAn alternative to the previously listed method involves using the exterior buttons that you will find on the upper and right sides of the chassis. These ones will allow you to reboot the HTC phone even without having to use the touchscreen or go into its settings:

  1. Switch the phone off and fully charge it.
  2. Tap Volume Down and briefly press Power.
  3. Wait for the Android logo, and then release keys.
  4. Select Clear Storage with the Volume – keys and press Power.
  5. Confirm by pressing Volume Up and you are all done.