HTC ChaCha Hard Reset Guide to Factory Soft (A810e)

Released in June 2011 the HTC Chacha is a QWERTY keypad phone specially designed for those who spend a lot of time texting and need speed of typing. Sometimes, we can`t expect robust performance from all devices which means that in time you`ll be forced to deal with all kind of problems that give nothing but headaches.

Either you have installed too many applications or simply something goes wrong with the system and you can`t control it, there’s a chance of bringing your phone back to the way it was. And that means performing a hard reset on the HTC ChaCha. Maybe you heard about it before, but one thing is certain: it can solve all those minor software problems that your device has.

Like it or not, along with the process you`ll lose all internal information and you’ll find yourself wondering why  haven’t you done a backup when you had to. So don`t waste any time, go and backup all your data on any other external device. Note that data from your SD card won`t be erased unless you specifically ask to.

How to Factory Reset the HTC ChaCha

htc chacha2

The first method requires accessing the Android menu. Only after you backed up your data try this:

  1. First, access the home screen and then tap menu.
  2. Next, you should go to Settings and scroll until you find the Privacy option.
  3. After you accessed the Privacy option tap Factory data reset.
  4. Next, press Reset phone.
  5. Now you should enter your password if required, then tap Erase everything to confirm your decision.

If the first method doesn`t work or the phone is frozen, there is another way you can soft reset by using the hardware buttons.

  1. The first thing you should do is pull the battery out and reinsert it after a few seconds.
  2. Next, hold the Volume Down button.
  3. Simultaneously, press and hold the Power button until the device turns on.
  4. A menu that allows for Fastbook, Recovery, Clear Storage, and Simlock will apear.
  5. From that menu, select Clear Storage by pressing the Volume Down button.
  6. Press and release the Power button.
  7. Now simply confirm your decision by choosing Volume Up for YES or Volume Down for NO.

HTC ChachaNow the phone will reboot and all data including third-party applications will be deleted from the HTC Chacha.

However, if you’re unfortunate enough that the hard reset procedure fails, there is another way you can try reset the HTC. You have to be cautious as this procedure is irreversible. If you can still boot into your mobile phone, all you have to do is enter the following code into your phone’s dial-er: *2767*3855#.  After entering the code, all data will be erased and your phone will be back to normal.

  • Prince

    i have a htc chacha mobile,
    i forgot its pattern and gmail account,
    my phone’s volume down button in not working,,
    is it possible to hard reset by pc??